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Parallel Universes

No description

zach zandbelt

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Parallel Universes

Anti-matter Where It Might Be Morgan Freeman Explaining Black Holes Using The Brane World Guth's Theory: Guth's Theory in depth -Conservation of mass and energy results that there should be equal matter and anti-matter.
- We know that matter overtook anti-matter at the beggining of the big bang.
-The question is where did the rest of the anti-matter go to leave us here? -Theories state that the "anti-matter" might have been dispersed from our universe.
-Now existing either within another universe or even within a higher dimension. -The Brane theory says that our universe is only a trillionth of a trillionth of an inche away from another universe
-This universe is hidden behind an unseen 4th dimension.
-By using this theory to explain the big bang is to think of the two universes not just being stationary for all time but eventually colliding into each other
-This collision converts the kinetic energy of the brane worlds into matter and radiation in both of the universes.
-So the big bang might not be the start of time and space, but actually a collision. -We now know that our universe is extremely close to another.
-A black hole is a spot where these to universes are pinned together.
-This might be because the strength of gravity of a dying star is so great that it pulls a piece of the two universes together. The Brane Theory Distance To Nearest Parallel Universe -In order for us to find exact copies of ourselves we need to find the pattern of atoms that make us up . -In order to find a certain pattern you have to travel a certain distance away.
-In order to find the exact pattern that makes us up we have to travel really far.
-So far that it is 1 with a million trillion zeros in L.y. Parallel Universes Parallel Universes -One theory suggesting the presence of parallel universes was thought up by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Alan Guth.
-His theory states that at the beginning of our universe, a reversed form of gravity, coined "false vacuum" expelled everything away from itself.
-As the universe begins to decay, it produces a large amount of matter, the same matter that created our universe.
-The Theory proposes that the extra matter and particles forms "bubbles", like the ones Guth thinks created our universe.
-As the Reverse Vacuum continues to decay, many and more bubbles are created, meaning there could be many other universes that follow the same laws of physics as ours. -Using Guth's theory, it can be proposed that there are a vast number of parallel universes, all abiding by the same laws of physics and gravity.
-If this theory proves to be correct, It could be possible to travel to parallel universes and meet our inter-dimensional counterparts.
-This theory also opens up the possibility of universes that contain a fourth dimension, or maybe even more. Schrödinger's Cat Thought Experiment devised in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger A is cat placed inside of a bunker with a barrel of gun powder.
The barrel has a 50% chance of exploding and a 50% chance of doing nothing.
Until we look inside of the bunker, we do not know if the cat is dead or alive.
Once we do look inside the bunker, the cat has to be dead or alive, not both.
If the expeiment is repeated enough times, we will see that half of the time the cat dies and the other half the cat lives. The Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics states that before we look inside of the bunker, the cat is in a "superposition".
This means that it is dead, and alive and our act of observing it forced natures' decision. How does this relate to Parallel Universe theory? We're like the cat too, either the cat dies, and we see it dead, or the cat lives and we see it alive.
Someone would have to be observing us to see if we saw the cat dead or alive, and their act of observing us would force nature to collapse to one outcome.
Both outcomes happen in a parallel within a larger multiverse. References -Curiosity parallel universes Are They Real - YouTube. (n.d.). YouTube. Retrieved February 25, 2013, from
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