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Addison Langhorst

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Comoros

religions: Sunni Muslum and Roman Catholic
languages: Aribic, French, Comorain, Shikomoro
homes: 2 rooms, one is private, the other is private
clothes: traditional
food: seafood, rice, vegetables, tropical friut, and coconut milk
religions: Sunni Muslum, Roman Catholic
holidays: Ashoura Christmas Day, Islamic New Year, Labor Day
hobbies: football (we call it soccer), basketball, music, jewlery making, basketry, wood carving
the Ceolanth is a rare fish once thought to be extinct
websites I used:
Addison Langhorst
size: 2,235 sq km
population: 789,000
languages: Arabic, French, Comorain, and Shikomoro
capital: Moroni
fun facts
1. Comoros means " Island of the Moon ".
2. The land has lots of mountains.
3. Comoros is made up of volcanic islands.
4. Mount Kartha is an active volcano in Comoros.
5. Comoros is the 2nd largest producer of Vanilla in the world.
6. The main islands are Grande Comore, Mayotte, Anjnuan, and Moheli.
They have lemurs from Madagascar.
Flying fox fruit bats have a wingspan of 3 meters!
The "living fossil" fish was also thought to be extinct.
Green turtles also live in Comoros.
1. www.africa.com/comoros/facts/
2. www.britanica.com/
3. www.comoros-islands.com/index.php?!=15
4. www.everyculture.com
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