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Canabalist and Protests

No description

Chris Fuentes

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Canabalist and Protests

The narrator would probably tell Tank Man that what he was doing was similar to what Lu Xun was trying to do. He would tell him that even though his protest will change things for now 70 years from then someone could be making the same statement all over again. The efforts on two men can help to change the future forever, directly and indirectly.
The protesters in the New Culture Movement and the May 4th Movement didn't care what happened to them. They just couldn't live with what was going on anymore. The May 4th Movement changed the government in China forever. Finally the people had a voice. In Tiananmen Square, the protesters were mostly students who believed that what they were doing was to stop the rule of the corrupt government. Both incidents helped to change China forever.
Mad and Tank: The Story of Two Men
And yet all they'd have to do is turn back-change-and then everything would be fine. Even though people may say,'It's always been like this,' we can still do our best to improve. And we can start today!"
The realization of the canabalism taught the madman to try to plead with the older brother much like Tank Man tried to plead with the Chinese military.
The writer was writing about a narrator who used canabalism as a metaphor for the government's lack of action towards the Treaty of Versailles. This caused an uprising of protests that lead to change in government. Lu Xun and Tank Man are very similar in that they were both tryin to make a statement, one in a direct way and one in an indirect way.
The New Culture Movenment
Tank Man
The May 4th Movement
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