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Slush Shack

No description

Sophi Poel

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Slush Shack

How would it be different?
My idea would be different because it would be more than two slushie flavors and more than just water, propel, and gatorade. The Shack would have about 10 slushie flavors and many drinks and snacks and choose from.

Design idea:
Thanks for watching, I hope our idea moves forword, and we hope that you enjoyed this idea.
Slush & Snack Shack
Our idea is to add a Slush & Vending Machine into our school. I Know that there is already a slushie machine and vending machine in the lunch room but this would be much different.

What, When, Where, Why, and How?

What: Slush & Vending Machine
When: At lunch, before school, after school, and before & after sport events.
Where: Either lunchroom or student lounge.
Why: For more things to drink and snack on
How: Simple, buy or build a slush & snack shack

10 Flavors

* Blue Raspberry
* Pineapple
* Mango
* Lemon-Lime
* Grape

*Mountain Dew
*Red Raspberry
* Lemonade
* Cherry
Sophi Poel,

Brendan Ritchie, Shawn Scholten

Some kids have money in their lunch account or money in their pockets. They are hungry and their lunch is over or hasn’t come yet. They also forgot a snack. Kids don't focus when they're hungry.

The Problem
Where it would be?
This is the one we want:
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