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keily g

on 4 April 2013

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THE MAYAN CIVILIZATION MAYANS GEOGRAPHY STABLE FOOD SUPPLY The Mayans liked to grow crops and make meany different foods out of the corn like,tortillas,vegetables and other goodies. Another word for corn is Maize is a Spanish word for corn.The Mayans like to eat corn almost every day,the corn for the Mayans is very important. Corn is very important to the Mayans even today. The Mayans climate is rainy in October,and in June.In February-May is the dry seasons. The Mayans live in Mexico, Guatamala. SOCIAL STRUCTURE There are 4 social classes in the Mayans social structure. The first social class is the leaders,next the nobles, craftsmen and slaves. LEADERS NOBLES CRAFTSMEN SLAVES GOVERNMENT The Mayans had the same laws in meany civilizations. The Mayans had the two Hero Twins to govern the cities. The Mayans had a king and a Priest to rule. THE MAYANS WORK SHIPED THE PRIESTS AND THE KING Religion The Mayans had a lot of Gods.Such as, the God of Nature,Rain God,Lady Rainbow,God of Maize (Corn)and most importantly the God of the Sun. The Mayans work ship all their gods.
Especialy the god of the Sun . The Mayans loved the god of the Sun because the god of Sun gave them light for their crops to grow. Also, the Mayans believed in the after life. THE ARTS In meany parts of Mexico you can find a lot of famous temples.For example,In Chichen Itza Yucatan,Mexico,Chichen Itza is the largest of the ancient Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula.A center of Mayan pilgrimage for over 1,000 years, it is now one of Mexico's most visited tourist destinations. The Mexican government has restored 18 Mayan ruins in Kukulcan. THIS IS WHATS LEFT OUT OF THE MAYSN RUINS TECHNOLOGY The Mayans invented the the famous, Mayan calendar.Which that the Mayans predicted that the world would end at 12-12-12 but for our luck the world didn't go to an end. Mayans invented a working number system that aloud them to do math problems.In a little different way than we do the math. THE MAYAN CALENDAR WRITING/LANGUAGE The Mayans used the letters sound to write the words like for example,if you were going to write the the word sad all you would do is sound the letters out like this, sss-aaa-ddd. The language Mayans spoke is Maya it is a little hard to speak it and to write it.If you speak it you have to speak it with a special way of speaking it. If you write it it is going to be a little tricky because I tried to write it and I got messed up. CONCLUSION Now that I have told you a little bit about the Mayans.Maybe some day you would like to learn more about the Mayan Civilization. PREZI BY KEYLY GALICIA HOPE YOU AT LEAST LEARNED SOMETHING ABOUT MY PRESENTATION BIBLIOGRAPHY OR CITATIONS,d.cGE,d.cGE,d.cGE,d.cGE,d.cGE,d.cGE
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