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Untitled Prezi

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Wendy Noboa

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

& sorting

Step 1
Database is the collection of a lot of data, stored in one specific group. It is useful for banks, hospitals, schools and every single public department that needs to collect the information of their users. With the information stored in that database you can input, store, retrieve and manage it.

Step 2
Database is connected to Computer Science and Programming because thanks to computers and programmers databases are created or modifyied. Technological devices are available in public buildings in order to make faster all the formalities that people need to be resolved like ATMs. Programming helps to modify how we want to file our data, how we want to be presented, etc.
Step 3
The structure that we have studied related to the concept of Database is index. The index is where the item is located or stored, just like information is stored in the database. FOR EXAMPLE,

array1: { 1,2,3,4,5}

The first index is zero, hence 3 would be located in index 2.

It is related because, as in arrays, datacan be stored in classes or sections.
4.- Explain the importance of modifying and / or updating databases.

It is important to modify or update databases because it prevents the incorrect inclusion of unwanted or incomplete data. In other words, databases must be frequently modified to take in account only what is relevant for the procedure. For example: a high school has a database of every single student´s information. Hence, if one of this student is not part of the high school anymore, his name must be immediately deleted or his name could be incorrectly taken in account for an event or report card deliver, producing a possible misunderstanding. Also, in the case of a new student entering the educational institute, his name must be entered. In conclusion, every single information that is needed must be kept and continuously updated withe the user, work or category transformation.
5.- Look for the definition of sorting. How do you think sorting makes the process of searching,
modifying and updating databases more effective? Explain.
Sorting is the action that allows the user to organize the data in different ways as: descending or ascending order and multiple field sorting. In other words, through sorting the user is capable of looking for his files in a more efficient way. First, ordering your files in a descending way is the most frequent sorting applied, because it will allow your to output the last written document first. Second, in the case of ascending order is the opposite case; it could be easily applied in the classification of grades in a school. A grade school starts with 1st grade and finishes with 7th grade, in most cases. It will make the information more clear or comprehensive. Besides, the multiple field sorting could also be applied to classify the grades in classes an subclasses. For example: 1st grade could be divided in four grades: A,B,C and D; and each one has 24 students. In conclusion, having a huge database, which has not be sorted may create difficulties when it comes to search modify or update databases.
6.- Write a pseudocode that will arrange numbers 4 0 3 1 7 in ascending order.
SORT = new Array ()
NUM = [4, 0, 3, 1, 4] // array already gave

loop for Y from 0 to 4
loop for X from 0 to 4
if NUM[X] < COMP
NUM[X] = NUM[X+1]
end if
end for
end for
7.- Edit the pseudocode to arrange the same list of numbers in descending order.
SORT = new Array ()
NUM = [4, 0, 3, 1, 4] // array already gave

loop for Y from 0 to 4
loop for X from 0 to 4
if NUM[X] > COMP
NUM[X] = NUM[X+1]
end if
end for
end for

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