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Dior Brand Analysis

FTM 382; Dr. Xu by Sarah Reese, Alexis Russo, Xavier Totor, and Francesca Verceles-Zara

Xavier Totor

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Dior Brand Analysis

Mental Map Mental Map A History A History Current Dior Today, the brand has many extensions ranging from fragrance to handbags, containing a total of ten brand catagories. Brand Product Matrix Brand Product Matrix Brand Product Matrix Introduction Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, and Raf Simons have been the lastest masterminds behind the Dior namesake. A Brand Analysis
FTM 382 Final Project
Spring 2013
Dr. Yingjiao Xu
Sarah Reese
Alexis Russo
Xavier Totor
Francesca Verceles-Zara 1947 2013 Brand Product Matrix Brand Product Matrix Brand Product Matrix 10 product categories
9 current campaigns
8 handbags
8 fragrances
4 current endorsers Brand Product Concerns The world of Dior has exploded since its humble beginning after World War II. The extensive options Dior provides to its consumer is leading to inconsistency throughout branding. Thus, Dior's reliance on historical brand equity is less effective. Competition Chanel Competition Valentino Competition The three brands share price-point, recognition, consumer-based distribution channels, and brand equity. For these reasons they are competitors. Their products are very similar from fragrance to clothing, the general air of high fashion, and expensive taste saturates everything that these brands create. Finances 2012 Demographics IMC Plan Dior's current market situation is struggling, this could be a side effect of poor marketing strategies. Demographics IMC Plan Suggested Market Strategy A Summary Dior, past and present, has captured the hearts and fantasies of the fashion conscious since its foundation. Discussion 1. Do you feel overwhelmed by Dior's product matrix? Are they too diversified?

2. Will our IMC be effective in minimizing brand fatigue? A Summary The rejuvenation of the Dior label while retaining Dior’s history and legacy is the focal point of the integrated marketing communication. IMC Plan Suggested Market Strategy References Introduction The Dior brand was built on a foundation of fantasy, femininity, and innovation
in 1947. The "New Look"
Introduced in Dior's first collection A look at Dior's history, consumer perception, brand composition, compeition, and consumer demographics will paint a picture of Dior through the years to better understand this luxury brand's presence in the industry. 1947- The first collection is shown, the "New Look" is introduced 1949- First Brand extension: Miss Dior fragrance 1957- The passing of Christian Dior
YSL, at age 21, replaces Christian as head designer 2011- Fallout of John Galliano April 2012- Raf Simons become creative director 1999- Introduction of J'adore fragrance 1968- 1989- 1970- Bohan introduces the first menswear line 1960- Marc Bohan replaces YSL Begin LVMH ownership of the company Gianfranco Ferre replaces Bohan 1997- John Galliano replaces Ferre Dior prides itself in diversifying their products using multiple marketing techniques, a multitude of celebrity endorsements, and relying on historical brand equity. Current Creative Director of Dior,
Raf Simons Christian Dior To move forward in the industry, Dior must change their current pace to appeal to its knowledgable consumer. Founded in 1909, Chanel is a powerhouse in the fashion industry. As one of the top high fashion brands, Chanel sets trends and commands attention. Its brand recognition is unrivaled . Known for the masculine Little Black Jacket, the quilted handbag, and its revolutionary silhouettes. Its history is much shorter than the other two brands and it is not as well known or as renowned as the other brands despite its beautiful aesthetic. Known for backseat trend setting, impeccable detail, and couture gowns. A summary Dior biggest difference is its unrivaled brand equity. This was made clear through the survival of the brand's image after the John Galliano scandal. The fact that it survived and continues to thrive speaks to its incredible equity. 8,993 mil Euros 2011 24,628 mil Euros Current Stock 110,70 Euro CBBE Model Salience: Breadth and Depth

Performance: High Quality

Imagery: Couture, Exclusive

Judgements: Trend-setting

Feelings: Elite, Superiority

Resonance: High Customer Loyalty The Dior consumer is a fashion-conscious individual with an expendable income. They are most likely well educated and earning more than $150,000 a year. This excludes most age groups leaving the consumer to be late 20's and older. They reflect the brand as being classic, detailed, and affluent. Dior's Current Strategy Dior relies on their history and reputation to brand their products. Print ads are the main source of their advertisements. They have become very active in the YouTube community. Pop-up stores at retailers such as Harrod's have also become popular. To implement this new strategy, we suggest Dior adopt an entirely new campaign known as "The New Girl" In the future, Dior should focus on becoming a more cohesive and comprehensive brand. Through empowering the consumer with knowledge, Dior can create loyalty and sales. The company should work to revitalize the brand instead of relying on the heritage and legacy that has been built. Improving communication with the end consumer would be the most beneficial technique Dior could use. Release
Women's Wear Daily
Pop-up stores
In-store display Main focus: The incredible empire that has been built around one man’s dream is inspiring. The brand will continue to move forward, through whatever marketing decisions are made, and most likely succeed. There is no doubt that the fashion industry’s eye will be forever set on the Christian Dior brand. Hopefully, in response, the consumer will appreciate the new image, understanding that it is a fresh start while the brand keeps its standing as an influential fashion powerhouse. This understanding will come from the knowledge provided to the consumer by the brand allowing the brand to build a a cohesive image. Photo Reference:
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