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Sky Program

Brief introduction to Centrecare's Sky Program

Liam Cubbage

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Sky Program

Sky Program

What Is Sky ?
What we do
Program Specific Issues
Recreation and School holidays
Referrals and Support
Therapeutic sessions
The Process
Our Team

Our team currently consists of 3 staff ( 1 Males and 2 Females) from a range of different cultural and educational backgrounds.

All staff have completed tertiary education relevant to their field of work and hold WWCC and National Police Clearances.

All Centrecare staff are required to undergo Cultural awareness training, suicide prevention training and solution focused therapy training .....
Centrecare ensures that all it's staff are provided with ongoing training and skill development opportunities ensuring it's workers are always up to date and aware of current best practice methods.
Referral to Centrecares Sky program is completed via our referral form and emailed to reception at our Gosnell's office, at which point Gosnells reception will formally acknowledge the referral has been received.

A Caseworker will then be assigned to the family based on the families needs.

Once the caseworker has been assigned, he or she will make contact with the family to arrange assessment.
The assessment process is undertaken over 2 assessment visits. The caseworker will then create a support plan based on the families needs identified during the assessment and the file will be handed to management for review and acceptance.

Once accepted the caseworker will discuss the families support plan with the client and make any changes required. Support will commence once the support plan is signed. The support plan can be reviewed at any stage as required by the client.

The caseworker will conduct a support plan review after 3 months of service and work with the family to identify any new or ongoing goals.
The Sky Service is a confidential counseling and support service for children and their families

The Sky Service ;

•Is a six month program in which caseworkers meet with children on a weekly basis either at school or at home. The decision of the visit location is made by the parents.

•Offers one on one counseling that allows children the chance to speak freely and openly.

•Support children with schooling and education.

•Offers therapeutic and recreation based programs as well as one on one mentoring, allowing children the chance to discuss any distresses or concerns they may be confronted with in a comfortable and confidential environment.

•The sky service also has the ability to provide after school recreational activities as well as links to community sport and groups

Within the Sky Service assessment there is program specifics that allow parents the choice of which areas they would like to be addressed with their children such as,

*Self Esteem and confidence building
*Bullying- Verbal, physical and cyber
*Protective behaviors- Knowing how to look after yourself/ Security
*Anger Management- Dealing with Feelings
*Identifying Feeling- Learning to communicate more effectively
*Social Skills- Fitting in an getting along with other
*Effects of separation and domestic violence

The Sky service supports families and children between the ages of 4 and 14 who are currently engaging in Supported Accommodation Services such as Public Tenancy Support Services and Family Accommodation Services via Anglicare WA, Mission Australia, Coolabaroo and Centrecare as well as Ruah's new STEP program . The Centrecare Sky Service assists families within the southern and eastern suburbs, stretching south from Victoria Park to Armadale and east from Fremantle and Rockingham to Armadale.
Sky program staff are able to identify critical issues with in the family and provide further referrals to services as required. Sky staff will then support the children and families through the referral and appointment process.

Centrecare are an agency partner of the Armadale Family Support Network which allows swift and appropriate referrals and support through a wide range of different services within the south east corridor and ensure interagency support across a wide range of issues.

Sky Caseworkers utilize up to date therapeutic resources such as Emotion cards, Feeling stones, Strength cards, Conversation cards, role play scenarios, work sheets, arts and crafts, story books, therapeutic play, Holding Hands Protective Behavior resources and more.

These sessions assist children to develop a range of emotional and social skills as well as express themselves in a non-confronting and emotionally supported manner. The resources used by the Sky Service are found to be an effective way of allowing children to build upon their emotional structures and enable discussion surrounding underlining concerns they may be impacted by at home, with family, at school and within in their social networks.

The Sky Service provides parents and their children the opportunity to attend a camp. There is at least one camp a year (occasionally more) at Woodman Point Recreation Camp in Fremantle. Whilst on camp all meals, accommodation and activities are paid for by the Sky school holiday fund. The camps have encouraged families to come together and enjoy bonding as a family and working together as a team. It assists children with their confidence building and social skills as they are given the chance to meet new people, work with others as a team and build upon new friendships. Our camps have been as large 20 clients and five case workers and generally run for around 3 days.

The Sky service delivers school holiday programs that enable families to choose an educational or fun activity for the day, cost free as Sky provide the brokerage for these activities. Every holidays Sky caseworkers take thier clients to activities including but not limted to ;
The Zoo
Sci Tech
Restaurants and much much more

Sky can also support children to engage with community sport and recreation groups external to Centrecare.
Caseworkers are able to link children and their families into various recreation activities and services. We assist with linking children into sporting teams and assist with the finances for uniforms and registrations. Linking children into girl guides, self-defence classes, art classes, and holiday activities run in the community, Uni Camp for Kids, other counseling services, parenting programs and courses, big brother big sister programs, after school homework club, paediatricians, mental health services and speech therapy.
Sky Service Feedback

“The girls communication skills and behavior has improved since the Sky Service. Also the family were able to participate in school holiday activities with the supports of Sky which helped with the family relationship and having fun together as a family”

"The counseling and Therapeutic activities assisted with the children”

“Family interactions have improved within the six months. Children have more respect for one another since Sky”

“The children had a support person who they can talk too”

“The Sky service have been very helpful and a positive influence on the children”

“I am now more aware of parenting skills”

“The children practice what they had been taught at home from their Caseworker”

“Yes as the children were happy to participate in the program and what the children have learned will benefit them later in life and they have learned new skills they did not know. The program was very helpful and respectful”

The Sky Team
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