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Andrew Truax

on 26 November 2013

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4. Show and discuss the timeline evolution of the machines that video
games have been created for. Discuss how different machines and
platforms affected the growth of the industry. Mention some of the
earliest machines such as Atari and the Commodore 64.
History of Video Games
3. What video game(s) started the popularity of video games? Why were
those games popular?
Pac-Man. It was one of the first games to hit arcades. Before that, there was Arkanoid and Space Invaders. Compared to those games, the graphics of Pac-Man were absolutely gorgeous. It was in color And to be fair, the game play was pretty clever - even now, it's a fun game to kill half an hour.

These were popular because video games were new in general and people loved the idea of interacting with a program that was fun and exciting.
6. Discuss the present trends in video games.
Indicate which genres are
popular now and what machines are
being used today. You should have
information from those in the industry,
but you can also have your own opinion.
First person shooters are for sure one of the most popular genres in the world of video games.
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and apparently the Wii U are what many people are using in their living rooms as of today.
As the industry has grown it has also been reduced to a smaller number of ‘core’ genres. However the core of the gaming market remains the super-genres: MMORPGs, FPSs, sports games, action games and somewhat declining, but real-time strategy games. There are some differences among the structure of these genre’s popularity on PC and consoles. From NIKOLA VASILJEVIC.
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Andrew Truax Alex Hall
2. Who had created the first Video Game?
Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. a pioneer of television technology who with his boss, Allen B. DuMont, and others in the nascent industry perfected the cathode ray tube that eventually let little wooden boxes with grainy black-and-white screens bring moving images into millions of homes.
Died on March 5, 2009 at his home in Lacey, Washington at the age of 99.
7. Discuss the future of video games and what directions that a video game designer might consider when creating a new game. Give your own personal views about where video games are heading, but also views of those currently in the industry.
In the future, more of society will get habituated to video games and it will become one of today's normal lifestyles (as to playing games at a daily basis).
As a gamer, the designer should feature what he/she and the community demands or desires from video games.
The smartest game makers are also “thinking outside the screen.” In 10 years, mashing buttons to control on-screen avatars will no longer be enough. Gamers will insist on being able to “feel” a game, or to “move” realistically within it. We already have force-feedback steering wheels, guitar-shaped controllers and pressure-sensitive dance pads. In the future, expect much more. From Michael Noer.
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5. Discuss trends in video games over the years with emphasis on the popular games throughout the history of video games. Show evidence of why these games were popular. Tell us what genres of games were popular at different times and why. (Why is not that they were popular, but more about the circumstance of the time period.)
Street Fighter, Half-Life 2, Pac-man, Doom, Halo 2, Need For Speed, Mortal Kombat, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are still popular.
What they all have in common is containing violent content especially Pac-man in a way.
First person shooters like halo 2 and half-life 2 were extremely popular video games over a long period of time (especially Half-life 2) because they were both interactive and had a tremendous breathtaking storyline. people went absolutely crazy over Halo 2's dual-wielding.
1. What was the first Video Game ever?
The Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device.
The game was a rocket simulator encouraged by radar displays from World War II.
The first machine used for games was an oscilloscope. Magnavox was big in the 70's making consoles but died down towards the 80's.
Coleco, Sega, Atari and Nintendo were popular in the 80's. In the early 90's 3D and CD's made their debut, Commodore came back with the Amiga but went bankrupt in 1994. Then Sony Appeared with the Playstation 2, Microsoft with the Xbox and Nintendo with the Gamecube. These 3 companies are currently the most popular.

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