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ACAMIS16 Blended Learning with the Canvas LMS

No description

Matt Kelsey

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of ACAMIS16 Blended Learning with the Canvas LMS

Online Agenda
Standardize communications, expectations with grade-level team
Beware 500MB upload limit
Post all assignments (collected or not)
Post all materials
Don't use the gradebook
Don't use everything
Collecting content using Modules, Pages, Files, and External URLs
Assess using Assignments, Discussions, ePortfolios, Quizzes
More goodies: Announcements, Collaborations and Conferences
Blended Learning with the Canvas LMS
Create an online course using the Free for Teachers version of Canvas
Use this online course to post course content, collect assignments and assess students
Articulate the ways Canvas can support your instruction.
Canvas lets you focus on what counts.
Emergency Preparedness
Features Tour
Best Practices
Hands on time
cc Wikipedia
Make your account:
Your choice: Product comparison, feature brainstorm, or why you would (not) switch
2012-15 No standard LMS

2015 Reviewed how tools support technology vision

Nov 2015 Tech cmte documents requirements

Dec 2015-Mar 2016 Evaluated Moodle, Edmodo, Haiku, Canvas

Aug 2016 Soft launch
Guided demo
cc Dan Ox
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