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Dobriyana Tropankeva

Work Profile


on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Dobriyana Tropankeva

1. Perfect Education
Dobriyana Tropankeva:
5 Universities
2 MA Degrees in Journalism
2 Specializations in Business and Finance
1 Work Experience
at the London School of Economics
2. Social Media Experience
3. Technical Skills
Working with 22 Audiovisual and Management Programs
Content manager of 2 websites
5 years of experience in video and audio making, web design, broadcast and online journalism
Why am I the right person for the job?
Administrator of 3 FB pages
More than 10 000 followers in total
Actively using 8 social media platforms

Long term goal: to work for TV channel or big multinational corporation

Short term: to get paid for my skills

My dream is to be part of a team, that is not just good, but it sets up the trends in media & communication....
International Project Manager
PR & Media Specialist
Corporate Communications Strategist
Who am I? Me in numbers:
1500 – the participants of the biggest event that I have organized

More than 1300: applications that I have evaluated and successfully recruited international teams for 10 multinational events

36 – the international events that I covered as a journalist

15 – the international events that I organized

6 – the types of media that I have worked with: TV, radio, print, layout, online and social media
Thank you all!
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