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The King of Mazy May

No description

Sumaer Sahney

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The King of Mazy May

Written by Jack London
Born on 1876
Experienced the gold rush firsthand
Traveled to the Yukon in the 1890's to search for riches
While there he found many things to write about
Died in 1916
The King of Mazy May
By Jack London
Detail 3
Presentation by Brock Redmond and Sumaer Sahney
Plot Line
Exposition: We open up meeting Walt Masters.He lives in the Klondike on the Mazy May Creek He is at his claim resting as his dad has gone to someplace and watching over the neighbors claim too.
Rising Action:
Walt Masters is faced with
seeing the claim jumpers
arriving to jump a claim.
Walt quickly jumps their
dogs and heads off.
Climax: The climax is when the Jumpers have almost caught Walt, while he changes out his Lead dog.
Falling Action: Walt is now
steadily going to Dawson
while the shooting has stopped
from the stampeders

Conclusion: Walt Masters pushes jumper's Lead dog causing their sled to capsize

Literary Devices
Nonfiction Piece
Characterization Poem

Resolution: Walt finds Loren Hall and invites him onto the sled. They go to record the claim

“Not only did he look after his father’s claim, but he had agreed to keep an eye on the adjoining one of Loren Hall, who had started for Dawson to record it” (Line 60).
“Night fell, and in the blackness of the first hour or so Walt toiled desperately with his dogs” (Line 273).
But Walt only yelled the harder at the dogs, and dashed around the bend with a couple of revolver bullets singing after him. At the next bend … The Mazy May straightened out and ran for half a mile as the crow flies” (Lines 222-227).
Walt Masters, an average 14 year old
Except he was living in the area of Klondike Gold.
Unconnected with people, farming, and the world
Only sled dogs and Indians as friends
Mother dead
Father comes up the Mazy May Creek

Camp to camp - Staking claims
Claim record before; smart
No worries now
Except a friend
Some claim jumpers arrive
Going on neighbors claim who were gone
Walt is worried and wary of the newcomers

Smart as a tack, following and hiding
thieves in the night
Jumpers, finding some gold,
trying to stake a claim
but Walt would not let this be done
Thinking quickly
he “jumps” the best dogs

Thank you for watching!!!
With clandestinity
Fighting for what is honorable
Going to rightfully claim the claim
Bullets flying - whizzing by
Yelling louder - cracking the whip
Wrong lead found
Problems abound
Smart to know
Forty below
Freezing for any man
Not deterred
By the end, a hero
Overcoming his pursuers
Snarling their team at the cost of his lead
Making it in time, this dynamic, round figure
Going through strong development
In character
The King of Mazy May

The symbol was gold
Gold was the reason there was conflict in the story
The antagonists were after gold which drove the conflict
Walt had to stop them and bring them to justice, so the gold was a major part in the plot line
Gold is what made an important part of the story which was the sled chase(climax)
Not only was gold important in the story, but it reflected on the author as well
So what have we learned?
The plot of the story-Includes setting and characters
About the author
The main symbol
Important literary devices
Another piece of literature than can relate to this story
Standing Up for Your People
By: Mind Tools
This picture aptly describes how you
have to stand up for what is right,
because you get benefits from the
better relationships you gain from
doing the right thing
London, Jack. "The King of the May." N.p., n.d. Web. 25 September. 2013.
"Standing Up for Your People." -Team Management Skills from MindTools.com. Mind Tools. Web. September 29 2013.
Hope you learned a lot about The King of the Mazy May!
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