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Instgram Prezi

How to acquire clients through instagram.

Jamil Frazier

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Instgram Prezi

So you want to be a cool instagramer
to help acquire new clients and coaches?! Well, wait no more! First thing first..
1. Find your application store Now search for the application Download the application and
register..... Type in "Instagram" We got to get you
logged in! Simple way to find amigos....
Connect with those that you're already buddies with Set your profile to private. Now.. lets go find some friends! A much better way... Utilize what we call"hashtags" Now that we're in "health"
lets find some "healthy" people! Found one! Now... time to
investigate. Do they,
1. Have many

Yes! Great lets browse
through them!
Chances are if they
follow her they're
into health and fitness
and maybe they'll be
interested in
following me! Nope!
:( How bout her?
Nope! :( Now, go through and "like"
a handful of their pictures. (Do not follow this person) Also, make sure to comment
on a few photos Her 1st! Could she
be the one????? How bout her?
YES!!!!! Encore, Encore!!! Post before/afters Stay Compliant We have our before/after,
now what? Now we get clients! What are some other cool things to post? THAT'S ALL FOLKS! And what do you know? 3 hrs later you have a follower Upload your picture Of course you want to add me first, JRF4 :)
This guy! Don't follow those who have
more "followers" than who
they are "following" Don't waste time with
private profiles Now we're in action! Look for people who have a higher number of people they are "following" in comparison to those who are their "followers" Hi Ezra!! get some sleep Jamil!
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