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Reasons to go Vegan

No description

Vanessa Gabrielle

on 20 May 2017

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Transcript of Reasons to go Vegan

Reasons to go Vegan
Common Misconceptions
"Milk helps your bones become strong"

"We need meat for protein"

"But other animals eat meat"

"We can because we are at the top of the food chain"

"Eating healthy is too expensive"

"Humans have evolved to eat meat"
"eat eggs They're good for you!"
Eating meat is destroying the planet!
A vegan diet is not restrictive because of all of the vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits one can eat.

Being vegan is the most healthy way to live
Milk Debunked
Protein Debunked
Eating eggs causes as much damage to the
body as it does to chain smoke cigarettes
"a Vegan diet is so restrictive.
that's not healthy!"
This is a visual representation of how humans have become inconsiderate and selfish to the point that the well being of the planet is depleting.
This shows how consuming meat products has a negative effect on the earth. It is an unnecessary waste of life and perfectly good resources, all because of the selfishness of man's dietary preferences.
Why do we decide who's life is worth saving?
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