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Paraphrasing to Summarize Expository Text

To make margin notes in your own words to summarize sections of the text.

Tammy Myers

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Paraphrasing to Summarize Expository Text

Paraphrasing to
Text To Accurately Summarize
When Reading * Readers must get at the essence of the text

* When readers respond in their own words,
teachers can tell if they are understanding
the text

* Students can use brackets to summarize
information or use sticky notes to paraphrase
the most important information.

* Students can also use two columns to help students
separate; What is Important (essence) and What
is Interesting (the rich details) Informational books that are written with the aim
of teaching or describing a subject, event or
situation in an objective manner.

Textbooks, informational magazines, reports and
other informational documents are
expository texts. Students may have difficulty reading them and
may view them as boring. Expository texts are
valuable and learning how to read them is
important for comprehending the
information that they offer. Paraphrasing on Sticky Notes The next slide is another section of an article where the student used sticky notes to summarize the sections. Bracketing Part of an Article and Brief Summaries The next slide is a section of an article that was used to teach sixth graders to summarize information. After reading a paragraph or two, the student summarized the most important information and
wrote it outside the brackets in
their own words.

If students use their own words to describe what they read and the words make sense, then they will understand the text. Expository Texts Bracketing Paraphrasing After reading a paragraph or two, the student placed a
sticky note next to them and coded it with an "S" for summarize. The student then writes down the summary
of the paragraphs in their own words. As you will see, the student captured the most important information on the page and not the
most interesting.
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