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Helen Keller

No description

Ellie Perez

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Helen Keller


Helen Keller attended many different schools. She attended schools for the blind and deaf in New York and Boston. Helen then started to attend Perkins Institute for the Blind, which was Anne Sullivan's former school. Helen had to leave because she was accused of plagiarism.
Radcliffe College
Helen Speaks Out
Helen knew how hard it was to be blind/ deaf. She wanted to make life easier for people like her so she talked at seminars and conventions to help blind people.

Helen speaking at a seminar
Helen Keller
Introduction To Helen Keller
Helen Keller was born as a perfectly healthy girl in Tuscumbia, Alabama. When she was 18 months old an illness struck her blind, deaf, and mute. Helen's parents sought for help, time, and time again but no one could cure her disability.
Early Life
Helen at Perkins Institute
Helen went to the Perkins institute for the blind just like Anne Sullivan. There she was the first deaf-blind person to graduate. During her time at Perkins, she started to learn methods of communication such as braille and sign language. She was later accused of plagiarism by the headmaster which made her leave the school and move on to other ones. She would later forgive them and donate books.
Helen goes to schools for the blind/ deaf
By: Ryan, Unesu, Ellie, Serena, and Julia
Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She grew more and more frustrated as time went on. Helen had signs to communicate with people around her. Her parents and many people pitied her and she often got whatever she hankered for.
Annie Sullivan Comes
Helen's first spoken word
Helen spoke the word "
" after Anne Sullivan poured water on her hand. Helen learned that things have a name and by nightfall she had learned 30 words.
On March 3, 1887, Anne Sullivan came to the Kellers' house to help Helen communicate with the world. The Kellers only wanted her to learn to behave and have manners. The Kellers' pity according to Annie was the reason she would disobey them and her. After many struggles, Helen stopped letting Annie touch her. To make her trust her again, she took her away from the Kellers'. When she came back, the miracle occurred.
Becoming a Writer
Although blind and deaf,she
became a well known writer
of 12 books.One of them was called "The Story of my Life". They were about her life and how she could see in her own way. She wrote another book based on how she felt about war, called "The World I Live in and Opitmism."
Helen Keller's View on the World Wars.
Helen didn't want the Americans being in the first World War because she had socialist views. She felt however, that entering World War Two was the right thing to do. Her campaign for social views had really ended after WWI. While she still had them, she didn't display them as much.
She goes to a school called Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Boston after she leaves the Perkins Institute. Here, she would take speech classes to try to learn to speak better. After four years, she would move on to the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York City.
Helen's late life
After Annie dies, her new teacher Polly Thompson takes her on world tour where she inspires many people and gets many awards. This happened in the 1950's. She would make her last public appearance in 1961. She would die June 1st, 1968.
We used:
- biography.com
- history.com
- afb.org
- softschool.com
- Helen-Keller.freeservers. com
Unesu completed slides 2,5,9.
Ryan did slides 4,7,11,12.
Ellie did slides 3, and 8.
Julia did slide 6,10.
Ellie and Serena completed the poster board and edited the prezi.
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