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cyber bullying

school mrs harley

sage Groenewegen

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of cyber bullying

cyber bullying
Cyber bullying is when a person is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed online though texting or online social media. One in ten people are cyber bullying but only one third of those victims speak up

Trolling is when someone sets up a fake name and deliberately posts or sends messages out to hurt people. All people are targeted not only children but celebrities and adults as well.
To keep yourself safe:
# Keep all messages and take a screen shot to print out and show an adult
#Block a person from sending any more hurtful messages
# Delete person from contacts and send an email or letter to the site you are being bullyed or hurt on and they will deal with the bullying. Don't be scared to tell an adult.
cell phones
When people are on social media they cannot see the person they are taking to this may encourage the person to act differently to how they would in real life and the bully does not have to see the reaction or effect it has on the person.
How is social media good for you
You can chat with friends and see what is happening in the world but only chat will people YOU KNOW IN PERSON. If you do not know the person it can be very dangerous as you could be talking with an adult or child you will never know.
It is fun to talk with friends because you can be at your house but still talk will them and find out important details.
Why is it online?

I think that cell phones are a good thing to have as they are ways of contact to anybody, anytime anywhere. If you are in danger you may want to be in contact with friends or even the police force. The only risks of having your own mobile phone is the fact that if you are being bulled it doesn't stop at school it keeps going and can even invade your personal space, for example, it can be in your bedroom, kitchen or anywhere you have internet connection.
Social Networking and Online Chat
Instant messaging
Help with chat rooms
Should I have a social network account?
Social media is a great way to talk to friends a long or short distance way. If you have a social networking account it is good to know how to stop, report or inform if someone sends you a mean message. Facebook has sent a pledge out to it's users to not bully and to speak up for bullying victims.
These social networking accounts can be fun to play on but don't get carried away. Sending photos is OK as long as it is fine with all people in photo.
Instant messaging is often used to quickly send messages to friends. This system is better than email because emails are not as quick to send and are not always instant. Therefore instant messaging is great for quickly talking but it's other use is that it can help if you are lost or in danger this is very important in our daily lives.
There are risks of having social networking accounts but as long as you are not posting photos or messages that can hurt people and you don't receive messages that hurt you or make you feel bad. Sometimes people are very upset if they get messages that are mean.They're worried that if they tell an adult they will take their laptop, computer or smartphone away. This is not the right thing to do because if you were getting bullied at school they would not let you take off school you would solve the problem so they would do this with a cyber bully too.
However, not telling an adult is the worst thing to do because it's not very nice living knowing that you have been called those names.
Phones are meant to be quick messages but are sometimes misused and people can send hurtful messages. If people are educated in what cyber bullying is, they will know to not send messages that are mean.
Cell Phones are often misused with people not looking at what these phones were made for. They are created for talking and helping sort problems out ( for example what for dinner or what time are the guests coming ).
Thank you to all these souses

~Mrs Harley
~BTN - Behind the news video
~Kids Help Line online information sheet
A good thing to know is that someone cares, by having a contract you know that if you are uncomfortable with something someone has said online, you may talk to an adult. If you don't have anyone to talk to, you should phone the kids help line. At kids help line they don't need to know your name, they listen and help you. This is GREAT!!!!! You can feel comfortable talking to a nice, understanding person.

~ never go on any social media sites without permission ( example if your parent said NO to skype don't make an account without talking to your parents and reasoning with them )

~ Don't go on the internet TOO much

~ Don't let the internet spoil your day
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