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21st Century Themes Introduction

No description

Ashley Cook

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Themes Introduction

21st Century Themes Global Awareness understanding and addressing global issues learning from and working with people from other cultures, religions, and lifestyles in different contexts understanding other nations and cultures what does that have to do with me?
as you grow up, you will have more and
more experiences with people from around
the world. It is important for you to learn to
communicate with others, and to recognize that
no one is "weird"--we're all just different some things to consider
-What's your worldview?
Do you think about the world
beyond your town? State? Region? What do you think about places you've never been?
-How would you feel if you were dropped into another world and forced to live with strangers? Financial Literacy Knowing how to make appropriate
financial choices at all ages of your life Understanding the role of the
economy in society Using entrepreneurial skills
to enhance workplace productivity
and career options What does that have to do with me?
You are going to grow up and get a job.
It will be important for you to have skills
so you can get a good job.
You also need to know how to make
wise financial decisions so that you can
provide for your family and enjoy life. Some things to consider
-Do I have realistic expectations
for my future?
-Do I make wise money decisions?
-Do I understand the value of hard
work and skills? Civic Literacy Participating effectively in civic life
through knowing how to stay informed
and understanding governmental
processes Exercising rights and obligations
of citizenship at the local, state,
national and global levels Understanding the local
and global implications
of civic decisions Why is this important for me?
You are a a part of the
world economy--a citizen who has rights and RESPONSIBILITIES
Your lawmakers are supposed to be representing you--it's
important that you know
how our government works, so you can know
what is happening in the
world around you
Some things to consider:
-It is our right and our
responsibility to vote
-Will you make informed voting choices?
-Are you aware of the
decision being made by people in authority
around the world?
-Do you know what
effects new laws have on your lives and the lives of others? Health Literacy Obtaining, interpreting, and understanding
basic health information, using that info.
in helpful ways. Understanding preventative measures:
diet, nutrition, exercise, risk avoidance
and stress relief Using available info. to make
appropriate health related
decisions Understands national and
international public health and
safety issues why is this important?
You are going to grow up
To make your own meals
Choose how to spend your time
Manage your own stress
Determine your own health
It's important for you to know
how to have a healthy, full life Things to Consider:
Do I consider the future
when making health-related
Do I think beyond the pleasure
of now when I choose what to
put inside my body? Environmental Literacy Knowledge and understanding of the
environment and conditions affecting it,
especially affecting air, climate, land, food,
energy, water, ecosystems Society's impact on the natural world
(population growth, development and
consumption of resources Investigate, analyze environmental issues-make your own conclusion about
solutions Take action towards addressing
environmental concerns Why does this matter to me?
You have to make your own
decisions about the way you live
and the impact you have on the
natural world
You need to be able to decipher the truth in the midst of a lot of information
You need to see what is happening in
the world around you Things to Think About:
Organic or not?
Green clean or chemical?
Hybrid? Regular?
Electricity? Solar Power?
Don't just make these decisions,
know why!
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