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The Sign of the Beaver

No description

matthew euzukonis

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Sign of the Beaver

The Sign of the Beaver
Matt and his Dad moved to Maine ahead of the rest of the family and built a cabin and Matt stayed behind while Dad went and got the rest of the family.
A man named Ben came out of the woods and came to the cabin and Matt offered to let Ben stay the night and while Matt was sleeping Ben stole his gun.
Matt tried to get food from a beehive and in the process got stung by the bee's. Then Matt ran to the river and jumped in. Two indians named Saknis and Attean rescued him.
The End
By: Matthew Euzukonis
Matt was walking in the woods and saw Atteans dog caught in a trap so Matt ran back to the Indian village for help but Attean was gone so Attean's grandmother sent Marie to help.
In return for being rescued Matt agreed to teach Saknis' grandson Attean how to read by using the book Robinson Crusoe.
As Matt and Attean became friends Attean taught Matt how to hunt and fish
Matt and Attean were in the woods and they came upon a bear. With Matt's help Attean killed the bear.
One Day Attean came to the cabin and invited Matt to come to the indian village for a festival.
The Indians were moving north for the winter and Saknis and Attean asked Matt to go with them. Matt wanted to go with them but decided to wait for his family.
Matt's family finally returns right before Christmas.
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