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Prejudice & Racism

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Michelle Otoo

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Prejudice & Racism

Prejudice & Racism
Racism In Canada
-The Native Experience
-The Jewish Experience
-The Black Experience
-The Japanese Experience
-The Chinese Experience
Present Day
Stereotyping goes hand in hand with prejudice. When we stereotype people, we associate people with a series of traits based on the one trait that signals their membership in a particular group. Stereotypes and prejudice are limiting and disregard the individuality of people, they also lead to negative and derogatory assumptions. In this section of the seminar I will discuss the following:
How Should Society Respond to Problem?
How many of you were surprised at how quickly the brown-eyed people started to feel superior to the blue-eyed people?

I showed this video because I believe it has a huge message behind it. That message being, if you asked the average person today if they were racist or prejudice against any group of people they would be in self-denial. As said in the clip racism was created by man by man giving power to racism and prejudice thoughts. Therefore man has the power to eliminating racism and prejudice.
What We View
The average adult Canadian watched almost 1,500 hours of television and an estimated 25,000 television commercials in 2008 based according to research by Digital Home Canada.

Novel Examples
a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience
the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
The Extent & Seriousness
How it Affects Society
The Evidence of Prejudice & Racism
Modern racism has evolved from aggressive prejudicial behavior to a subtle form. The behavior seems to be more difficult to see yet it is seen as more severe.
As humans we have the tendency to classify our experiences into categories. This is an aspect of human cognition. We create concepts to make sense of the endless complexity we encounter in our environment, this allows humans to process information while we categorize people and items.
People reflexively distinguish members of their race and members outside of their race. We tend to evaluate those who are not the same race as us more negatively. Therefore, social categories easily lead to stereotypes in general, more specifically negative stereotypes. Some capacity for favoritism of one's own group over another's appears to be a natural human tendency.
Most Common Stereotypes
ethnic background, height + weight, gender, language, religion, education, & sexual orientation.
& Seriousness
As you can see from our presentation, racism and prejudice have been apart of our history, since the beginning. It is currently still apart of our society and effects our lives everyday. We can solve this problem by educating future generations and changing how we perceive information. Nelson Mandela's quote shows that we don't hate people naturally and if we teach others to love we can solve the problem.
How Significant is Racial Discrimination in Canada?
In Canadian society many people feel judged because of their race. Many feel their group is discriminated or judged rather than the individual.
over 1/3 of Chinese respondents felt that way and a clear majority of the African- American ones aswell
Data shows out of immigrants arriving during the last 10 years:
33.6% of racial rites report having experienced discrimination
19.2% of those of European origin
For immigrants arriving earlier, perceptions of discrimination are less common for those of European origin 10.2%
Trayvon Martin
On Febuary 26 2012, 17 year old Trayvon Martin went to a 7-Eleven near a gated community in Sanford,
Florida to buy skittles
and an iced tea. He was later shot to death at close range by a mixed race man who claimed Trayvon had behaved suspiciously and seemed out of place. This case was popular in the media because many people believed Trayvon
was racial profiled, which led to an
altercation that led to his death.
Generally speaking, visible minorities have much lower relative household incomes & higher poverty rates than people who originated from European countries.

Immigrants tend receive inequality & discrimination because of the following:
newcomer status
lack of sufficient language
A Study
29% of Albertians say they have been victims of prejudice
18% of Maritimers say they have been victims of prejudice, which is the lowest rate in Canada
Highest rates were in Quebec
there are lower rates in the Maritimes because it is less ethnically diverse
47% of Canadian citizens are of an ethnic other than British, French or native-born Canadian
over 94% of visible minorities live within Canada's metropolitan areas
20% of immigrants living in Canada's metro area are low-income families
1 in 5 school children in Toronto & Vancouver was a new immigrant
Real Life Example
In 1976 Marilynn Brewer & Donald Campbell published a survey of 30 tribal groups in East Africa. Subjects were asked to rate their own and other tribes on a series of traits 27 of the 30 groups rated t own group more positively than any other group.
When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 the Canadian public viewed Canadians of Japanese cent suspiciously. Though many Japanese Canadians had never even stepped foot into Japan and only knew of the country from relatives the idea that, they were more loyal to Japan then their birth lace of Canada, spread throughout the country.
Causes Of The Problem
Racism Is Caused By Fear
The Past
Racism or prejudice is as old as man kind. The fear of unknown is a natural reaction. Throughout the history of people have made stronger opinions to keep strangers out. This striving towards "safety" has caused several wars and killed millions of people.
In some cases racism can generate such an enormous amount of anger that it causes mainly fear. Fear that the stranger will take your house, your job, your wife. To fight racism we need to get to know each other and learn more about each others cultures. We have to get to share each others joys but also learn that we all have the same problems and worries.
Racism exists practically in all countries, but in certain places and situations it is especially common. Some of the very common reasons for racism to arise are a fear of need for a scapegoat. If things are going badly many people's natural reaction is to blame someone. People will always look for a scapegoat in bad situations.

-Native Canadians are
the only non-immigrants
in Canada but were treated as if they were
-Europeans Imposed their rules in regulations onto natives
-Created acts which controlled and restricted the natives freedom to serve the governments interest
Residential Schools
Residential schools was one of Canada's most embarrassing and racist act
The Canadian government created a school that was designed to promote assimilation (to make natives more european)
Children were taken away from their homes, their parents, their families, friends and community and treated poorly
Between 1930-1939 Canada rejected all jewish refugees
1930's-1940's laws denied voting rights against all jewish people
In Toronto Ontario all synagogues were set on fire and jewish swimmers were attacked
In 1933 all jews stores were destroyed
hostility or prejudice towards jews
The Abolition Of Slavery
Slavery in Canada existed until 1833
Some slaves were African descent but most were Aboriginal
Because Slave trade in Canada was so minor it is overshadowed by America but slaves still did exists and were mistreated

Japanese Canadians
In January 1942 when Pearl Harbor was attacked the racism towards Japanese Canadians escalated
Interment Camps were created and Japanese Canadians were taken away from their homes and brought to these camps where they were mistreated
Chinese Canadians
The Canadian government made every chinese worker wanting to enter Canada to pay $50, the government assumed that Chinese people were too poor to pay so they wouldn't be able to come to Canada
I believe there are 3 main ways to eliminating racism and prejudice from our society in the future.
1. What we view.
2. Our Surroundings
3. Education
Clothing Stores
In most clothing stores the companies are trying today to make more of an effort in having multicultural group of people modeling their clothing. This has improved greatly from the past but still today there is room for improvement.
Sports Teams
Today all over the world there are a lot of pro sport team names that refer to certain races. Why if you have the choice of so many names would you decide to keep a name that refers to a certain race? My belief is that sport teams names should not be Redskins, Aztecs, Blackhawks or Indians. Why can’t they be names like the tigers, sharks or lightning?

This statistic is just TV advertising which is only one place on the daily most Canadians are viewing advertisements. This study also was done now 8 years ago. Most Canadians view advertising on social media sites, on billboards, on the internet, in malls, at bus stations etc. If we were to change these ads or even just start by taking a fraction of these ads by placing more people from different racial backgrounds in some of the daily advertisements we see, to reflect our multi-cultural country. I believe this would impact our country very positively helping to eliminate any racism or prejudice within our country.
Our Surroundings
I believe if we surround ourselves in diverse multi-cultural work places, schools, friend groups, neighborhoods, sport teams or any other hobbies it would help to eliminating racism and prejudice. I believe this would help to create less stigma or stereotypes around different races or religions. Once you get to know people on more personal level you realize that someone of another race or religion is not as different as you may have perceived.
Public High Schools vs. Catholic High Schools
The public school board of Ontario is funded by the government; the catholic school board of Ontario is funded by the government as well as the church.
I believe this is the most important way to help eliminate racism and prejudice in our country, education. When people are educated they can properly form their own opinions based on real facts and knowledge. When people are un-educated it is proven throughout history that people tend to follow the social norm whether that’s the right thing to do or not.

We must educate youth and future generations on our previous mistakes made throughout history so that these mistakes are not repeated in the future.
Educating and learning about contributions people from different racial groups contributed to making of our own country.
When explorers from European countries started colonizing in Canada the Aboriginal people who had previous livid in Canada for generations graciously helped the explorers survive by educating them with tools and skills on how to survive in Canada’s environment and climate.

Some Aboriginal Contributions:
-Snowshoes: used for traveling far distances over snow
-Cough Syrup: they developed unique combinations of wild plants to relieve coughs due to colds, today same ingredients are found in cough medicine
-Cure for Scurvy: Evergreen tree bark and needles were boiled to produce vitamin C rich tonic
-Snow Goggles: used to prevent blinding snow glare while hunting
-Canoe, Kayak: aboriginals used to travel over water ways, for hunting sea animals
-Pain relief: today aspirin has acid in it which is found in different willow trees (like pussy willow)
-Lacrosse: team sport invented by Aboriginal people

As well as educating children in the classroom on how Aboriginal people contributed to Canada today, bringing students on field trips to places like Upper Canada Village, Aboriginal Art Gallery’s and inviting Aboriginal speakers to talk to youth on their personal experiences. Will all further educate youth on how different racial groups contributed to the making of our own country.
Youth and future generations should continue to be educated on past world wars and current wars in other countries stemming from people from different racial groups feeling superior to another group.

An obvious example of this is Hitler. We have all learned about Hitler. Hitler believed the Aryan race was superior to all other races and believed that the Jewish race was not of value and needed to be treated differently from other races. The point I believe must always be remembered by future generations is that Hitler was able to convince his country and many people around him that the Aryan race was superior. Proving the point that when people are un educated they generally follow the social norm around them. In this case leading to a world war. This was a mistake made in world history that I believe must always be remembered so that the same mistakes can be learned from and are not repeated in our future.

Another way to educate youth and future generations on previous mistakes made about racism and prejudice is by reading novels on the history of racism and prejudice.

Some examples would be the Colour Purple, The Kite Runner, The Secret Life of Bees, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Help and The Book of Negros.
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett

This is a novel about what it was like for black people in the 1960’s in Jacksonville, Mississippi. It shows the extreme reality of black and white segregation and how awfully black people were disrespected in this time period in the US. One of the main characters in the novel named Aibleen is a black woman who is a maid for a white lady. Aibleen decides that she is tired of not educating the children she nannies about the truth of how blacks are no different from whites. She decides with the new family she nannies for she is going to show the child Mae Mobley that there is no difference between people of different races.

This quote from the novel is a story Aibleen told to Mae Mobley trying to show her there is no difference between different races:

“Once upon a time they was two girls,” I say. “One girl had black skin, one girl had white.” Little coloured girl say to little white girl, How come your skin be so pale? White girl say, I don’t know. How come your skin so black? But neither one a them little girls knew. So little white girl say, Well lets see. You got hair, I got hair. Little coloured girl say, I got a nose, you got a nose! So we’s the same. Just a different colour. The little white girl agreed and they was friends. The end.

This quote really stood out to me because if such a young child can so simply understand a concept why is it so hard for adults to understand a concept?
The Book Of Negros
by Lawrence Hill
The controversy over this book name caused the book title to be changed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand to Someone Knows My Name.

The reason Hill named the novel, Book of Negros is because it comes from a historical document of the same name kept by British naval officers after American Revolution War. It documents 3,000 blacks who served the king in war and were fleeing for Canada in 1783. You couldn’t escape to Canada unless you were in the book. The novel tells a story about a woman named Aminata Diallo trying to get on the list to escape. Hills purpose in writing the novel was to educate people about this time period and what it was like to be a black person trying to escape to Canada.

Hill, “When I began with the novel in some of the major cities, literary African-Americans kept approaching me and telling me it was a good thing that the title had changed, because they would never have touched the book with its Canadian title.”

Why do you think African-Americans would not have touched the novel if the title had not been changed?
You could argue that the government is trying to be equal and support all religions. But then why are there not Judaism, Buddhism, or Islam schools also funded by the government? If we have a civil law that states you cannot discriminate against other religions. Why is the government deciding to only fund one religion in Ontario schools? To me it does’t make sense why. By sending this message to our youth on segregated schools based on religion, students may grow up believing that different religions should always be segregated. When they finish schooling and realize that in the real work place life is not like that, they may have a harder time accepting that compared to a child who has grown up in a multicultural schooling environment like a public school.
Start Here
As a society we have taken the word "nigga" as the word for friend. Were as "nigger" is seen as the offencive term. Both origenated from a racist context. I personal believe neither of these words should be used by anyone of any race because it is from a time were African-Americans were seen as lesser then other races, a time when disrimination was at its peak. Yet these words can be heard in music, seen on tv etc. I don't think when people say this word they intentionally want to offend someone, but the truth is years ago that was the intention.
Racial Profiling
4 Causes Of Racism
: One of the most common causes of racism is stereotypes. Through television,through radio,through music and even books stereotypes are visible. When a person, especially someone who is very young is exposed to a stereotype of a specific group for the first time then that person will assume all are that way. Likewise when a source is constantly displaying negative things about a particular race it will affect people's opinions.

: Another very common reason why people are racist is unfamiliarity. People fear what they do not know or understand. If someone hasn't grown up around a particular race before, then there's more of a chance people will be racist towards that group
: selfishness is an obvious cause of racism. Humans are sometimes very selfish creatures caring only about their own at the expense to others. This is why most caring indivuaduals aren't racist.

: The most suprizing cause of racism is enviromental cause. We are all made different biogically and genetically. Our physical enviroment can affect our biology in therefore in many cases our minds.
The reason I showed this video of Oprah's very own audience calling her a monkey and even some people applauding to that insult proves how much racism has improved. Today on the oprah show you will not hear of anyone saying racist comment let alone calling her a monkey.
Is defined as "any action undertaken for reasons of safety, security or public protection, that relies on stereotypes about race, colour, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, or place of origin, or a combination of these, rather than on a reasonable suspicion, to single out an individual for greater scrutiny or different treatment. Racial profiling is based on stereotypical assumptions because of one’s race, colour, ethnicity, etc. "

The "N" Word
Real Life Examples of Subtle Racism & Prejuedice
Like I said before racism & prejuedice seem to be subtle currently. Though just because it is subtle does not mean it is not there. Many racist comments of beliefs are often thought but not said. Ignorance seems to be a major contribution people seem to have knowledge that isn't 100% true about certain types of people.
Asian Student Example
"dark people"
country music
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