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My experience in Hawaii

No description

Shih Min Loo

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of My experience in Hawaii

My wonderful experiences
in the Aloha state- Hawaii

Trip to Hanauma Bay
Bishop museum
Official photo shoot session
We, have come a long way. All of us, the 69 participants of the 2nd Brunei-US English Language Enrichment Project for ASEAN 2013.
From complete strangers, we now call each other by nicknames and terms of endearment. We experienced everything together, the lows of homesickness, adapting to new surroundings, to the high of excitement of acquiring new knowledge and visiting wonderful places.
The comradeship that we have is strong, bonded by the knowledge that only we know the feelings and the experience that we have had.
This bond, long may it continues.
There are so many more experiences that I have yet to include in this presentation, so many emotions that i have yet to jot down. To put in all would be quite impossible. But to sum up, it has been a great eye-opener so far. So many new knowledge acquired, new perspectives gained, new friends made.
For sure, I am grateful to be here and i will cherish each and every moment and make sure that everything that i learn here will be shared with my colleagues and students back home.

The adventure continues...

Stay tuned :D

Thank you, Mahalo
It was very windy, but the view, was breathtaking to say the least. It was hands down the most beautiful bay i have ever seen. I feel so blessed to be here.
Our guide at Bishop Museum was Karen, a cheery old lady who gave us a brief tour of the museum. It amazes me that after so long of working in the museum and so many times of repeating the stories to tourists like us, she still retain that passion and enthusiasm for the museum. I think that this has become more than a job for her, and she is genuinely passionate about the museum. I admire that and wish that someday, i too can attain that in my professional career :)
Hula Dancing-
Ke Anuenue
The hula dance steps that we learned
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