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Identifying Your Community

Returning RA Presentation

Luke Montgomery

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Identifying Your Community

Identifying Your Community The Road Ahead As you set out, down the road of being an RA for the first time, it is vital that you are aware of the community in which you will be living in, you are prepared for the different situations that may arise in your community, and are knowledgable of the ways to build a sense of community on your floor(s). Freshmen Upperclassmen All males All females Multi-gendered Identifying Your Community My Own Community Building Community And That Mountain Has Been Climbed... A True Community is Built Once you begin establishing those relationships between your residents... It all starts with your RA community. Having that person you can turn to... When you need advice... Help with a duty situation... Or just someone to talk to. Having that connection with your own staff will ensure your success. Begins by establishing an aesthetically pleasing environment. Lot's of hands-on work Collaboration as an RA (LCM's, Companions, etc) Requires tons of communication Must have a large floor presence Green Health & Wellness Multicultural International Leadership As an RA, this requires more of a hands-off approach, as well as more work to engage the community Because of their desire for independence, Residents may not want to be as engaged in the community Creatively design programs that fit the needs of both males and females. May have to deal with angry parent upon move-in My Floor Community My floor in Simpson consists of a multi-gendered floor with half of it being a part of the Health and Wellness Learning Community Simpson 3 East A true community can begin to form because residents will be more willing to come to your programs. Being Available to Residents: I've worked hard trying to create bulletin boards that my residents would appreciate Creating an interactive environment is key! Luke Montgomery Move-In! Game Night Fiesta! The little things really do matter... Like helping with laundry Or being available by keeping your door open Helping residents with various things... Like how to submit a TMA! Or by just having a large presence on the floor... You can help foster the community The following are pictures of just some of the programs I did this year to help foster a sense of community on my own unique floor. Fiesta de la Independencia de Mexico! Poster Party! They really got to make the floor their own Abstract Learning Outcomes To become aware of the variety of communities that are here at Loyola University Chicago.
To be able to identify the community that you will be a Resident Assistant for in this upcoming year as well as identify the challenges that your community may possess as well as to appreciate those differences.
To gain insight in some of the ways you, as an RA, can help foster a strong community on your floor(s). It would not be a complete Residence Life Presentation without them! ;) Residents were really engaged with this program! What are some communities that you have been a part of? Now, those are just a few of the communities that we have here at Loyola... Having a floor theme can really engage residents and help them feel more connected to their community Those are just a few examples of the things that I have done. Can you think of any other things that you can do to help build a strong sense of community between your residents? Residents showing off their stress balls after a stress relief program. I was also able to get several residents to go to LUREC for a weekend retreat Not only did they build a stronger relationship between their floor community, but they were able to meet many other freshmen as well! Sledding with my residents at LUREC. It was a blast! Although this was just a culmination of ONE SEMESTER, it shows that so much community can be built in a short period of time.
It is vital that you work to establish who your community is, so that you can cater to them more specifically.
I truly look forward to continuing to build a stronger community, and I have many wonderful plans to do so. After all that work... The End!
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