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The Way We Fall

English 10: Book Report October 5 2012

Mackenzie Dillen

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall Mackenzie The Way We Fall Characters Plot Setting When a deadly virus sweeps through Kealyn's town the government quarantines the entire island. No one can leave and no one can come back. As more and more people become sick, those who are still healthy must fight for food and supplies. Kaelyns Dad Kaelyns dad plays a very important role in the hospital. Even though he is not a doctor because he is a scientist he worked with the other doctors to try and find a cure for the mysterious virus. Tessa Kaelyn The book is written as Kaelyn's journal, and the book is written from her point of view. The Way We Fall is the first book in a three part trilogy. The second in the trilogy, The Lives We Lost, will be available to buy in February 2013 Author Megan Crewe Theme The theme of The Way We Fall is that when tragedy strikes it brings people together. It help to be with people who understand what you are going through during a tough time. The Way We Fall takes place on a small island in the United States. Meredith Meredith is Kaelyn's seven year old cousin. As her dad dies early on in the book Kaelyn is the one who takes care of her. Leo Leo is Kaelyns ex best friend. They got into a fight and he leves the island before the quarantine. Kaelyn writes the journal for Leo when he returns after everything is over. Tessa is one of Kaelyns worst enemies but when the virus stricks they must work together to survive Kaelyns Mom Kaelyns mom does not have a main role because she dies near the start of the book, but you can tell she is a good mother because even when she knows she is going to die she stays calm. Tone The tone of The Way We Fall is dark and sad.
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