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Based on NASA's project L-Cross

Millicent Morales

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of L-Cross

Olivia and Jane taping the
fishing line to the chair so it
will be at an angle. Jane and Millicent fixing the cup to
launch the die. Testing out project. Sketching of our project. Allison measuring the fishing line
again. By: GROUP 2 Key vocabulary;
measurements Problem:
Getting the die
on bull's eye
Landed on target:66 On Target:L-Cross Objective:
NASA launched a
space shuttle called
L-Cross.The craft hit the
moon in search for water.
Our job is to
recreate the mission in
our classroom for an
experiment, using our
classroom materials and
our knowledge and the right measurements
we are launching a die for
success. Allison, Jane, and Olivia measuring the fishing line to make it the right length. For this project we have to make a die (dice) land on a target with only few resources. On Olivia and Allison drawing out the blueprints on the graph-paper for the project. Millicent and Jane working on the prezi together. Group 2 Supplies:
bull's eye
2 chairs
iPod camera
yard stick
3 oz. dixie paper cup
1ft.blue tape
14ft.fishing line
computer (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Thank you for watching
hope you
enjoyed it! Bye! This is the way it came out. Jane crumpling paper to make the die not bounce so much A bigger version of our project. fishing line fishing line dice handle tape fishing line tape tape tape on cup cardboard-box little pieces of paper target tape holding end of string Chair #2 Chair #1 cup dice = our test results:
9 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
0 points
5 points
0 points
7 points
0 points
5 points Points All Together:
9+5=14+5=19+5=24+5=29+7=36+5=41 Millicent
Morales Jane Youn A
n S
s Based on NASA's project Idea Design Plan Build Test Evaluate/
Rebuild Allison Staples Olivia Ruiz Jane Youn Millicent Morales handle There was only a couple differences
in our project that we don't have now.
One is that we put water on the
fishing line so it can be quicker.But it
didn't work out.We had a wall made out
of tape so the die would go on the target for
sure.But the moon did not have a wall for the
craft to land in a perfect spot so we did not use it. Websites:
Nationalgeographic.com (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr We learned how to use only a few
resources,in a little amount of time. Also we learned how to do the right measurements.And how to use
teamwork and agree on the the same things. How we built our project: First, we got two chairs and put them six feet apart. Then we cut out 12 feet of fishing line and attached one end to the top of one chair and the other end onto the bottom of the other chair. We built a cup that would launch the die,we measured 20 inches for a drop for the dice. The cup would come down the fishing line land the string will pull it back. The string is the stoping point the string at one point is tied to the cup and the other is taped to the chair. When we tested it it sometimes landed and other times it didn't. Our teacher, Mr.Clay, then gave us a cardboard-box so then the die can bounce off and actually hit the target. Still it didn't work so then our teacher thought of another idea to make the die not bounce so much.He decided that we get graph paper cut it, then crumple it to little scraps and put it under the target. In this advance we successfully made the die land on the target. L
s Olivia going on websites for help on our project O
a R
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