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where i want to go to high school

No description

Student Shelton

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of where i want to go to high school

Where I want to go to High school
Saint Joes
I would like to attend high school at Saint Joes because I have heard many great thing about the school. I have also heard positive feedback from my brother and sister. The school has great spirt and a lot of sports. My sister Lauren is a senior at saint joes and enjoys it very much. My brother graduated as validictorian and allso liked the school. my parents also said that i chould go to shelton high but i know that i would be happier at saint joes. when saint joes came in for the highschool vist I enjoyed it very much and knew that would be the high school i would like to attend.
I think Saint Joes is a great school to attend highschool.
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