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Lecture 3: Multiplicity of Gender Roles in First Nation's Societies

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Liz Brule

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of Lecture 3: Multiplicity of Gender Roles in First Nation's Societies

Feminist Historgraphy
Histography: the writing or interpretation of history. Since historical interpretation is shaped by historical conditions and social assumption, different scholars will likely read the same historical evidence in different ways across time, place and cultural context.
Social systems of difference: ways of differentiating among the group members that make it possible to distribute power unequally.
Matrilineal: Family descent is based on female lineage.

Matrilocal: the children grow up with the mother's families and husbands contribute to their wives' households
Two Spirited: Masculinity and femininity wer accommodated in one body. It is an umbrella term that covers a diversity of experiences across indigenous cultures, which themselves have their own conceptual framework and language for describing it.
Social and Political Hierarchies
Potlatch: ceremonial feast at which food and property were distributed as gifts, emphasizing connections between community members and ensured that no one was reduced to poverty.
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