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WE shouldn't start school later for many reasons

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Nicholas Ruiz

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of WE shouldn't start school later for many reasons

I can see why you say teens need alot of sleep but if you stay the same then it teaches their minds to get up for work.
Acknowledgement #1
Remember dismissing school later, children won't get sleep, kids will sleep later so teens shouldn't have school later.
If they start class later kids will go to bed later said in paragraph 11.
Support #3
If we start school later than kids will have to start school earlier and sleep for children is important because it heals you when you sleep and get growth.
Starting school later means dismissing school later. Said in paragraph 9. In he article "Should School Start Later.
Support #1
We shouldn't start school later for many reasons
Support #2
Acknoledgement # 2
I can also see why you say fewer tardies but kids will be going to bed later making them still tired.
Should School Start Later?
By Nicholas Ruiz
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