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Beautiful, by: Christina Aguilera

No description

Marley Magana

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Beautiful, by: Christina Aguilera

The song Beautiful, by Christina Aguilera, means a lot to me because it tells you to keep your head up high and not let some one's opinion get to you.
Beautiful, by: Christina Aguilera
The meaning of the lyrics could be really inspirational if they are closer looked at.
Multiple metaphors are included in the song including....
Similies and Metaphors
When she says,''So consumed in all your doom,'' she doesn't actually mean your being eaten alive by your mistakes. What she means is that you are focusing so much on the wrongs made in the past that you don't give even a glance at the successes included in the past.
''So consumed in all your doom''
This doesn't literally mean that they words are going to tackle her to the floor. What it's implying is that the words and opinions of others aren't going to upset her or ruin her day, instead she'll just brush it off and continue the day.
''Words can't bring me down.''
The sun isn't actually going to follow them everywhere, and there will be a few rainy days, but what it's implying is that wherever they go people will be happy including themselves.
'' And everywhere we go, the sun will always shine.''
She explains that though someone thinks something about you, it doesn't mean it's true.
A lot of meaning comes from the song and add a lot of emotion to the words.
''The pieces gone, left the puzzle undone.''
When she says the piece is gone, it doesn't mean she actually lost a puzzle piece, what she's trying to illustrate is that the insecurities made her feel alone, and it needs to be fixed with confidence.
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