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John Adams

No description

Madison Murray

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of John Adams

George Washington won the presidential election of 1789 with 69 votes and John in second with 34 votes and became Vice President. As Vice President, he limited himself to President of the Senate. His critics called him "His Rotundity" because he was short and chubby.
John Adams
John Adams Presidential term was from March 4, 1797 to March 4, 1801. When Adams became president, the war between french and british was causing great difficulties for the united states on high seas. Adams vice president was Thomas Jefferson, which they where really good friends. Before his presidency he was an educated lawyer.
Reelection Campaign of 1800
The death of Washington in 1799, weakened the Federalist, as they lost the man who united the party. In the presidential election of 1800. Adams and Charles Pinckney, went against the Republican duo of Jefferson and Burr. Hamilton tried his hardest to sabotage Adams campaign in the hope of Burr winning. In the end, Adams lost 65 to 73. Adams was defeated because of the better organization of the republicans.
After his Presidency
His relationship with Thomas Jefferson
The close friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams began when they met at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. They developed a strong respect and liking for each other. Jefferson became the vice president to John Adams when he became the 2ND president of the united states, but in the reelection Thomas won against Adams for president.
Adams Death
His Home and Hometown
Instead of Vice President

John Adams lived in Boston Massachusetts.
His address is 135 Adams St, Quincy, MA 02169. John Adams lived with 7 other people, his son John Quincy Adams, Charles Adams, Thomas Boylston Adams, and his three daughters Abigal Adams Smith, Susanna Adams, and Elizabeth Adams. Along with his wife Abigail Adams.

As a young boy, John loved the outdoors, he would skip school to go fishing and hunting. Later in life he said he preferred a life as a farmer but his dad wanted him to have a formal education. After graduating in 1755 he taught at a school for a few years allowing himself to thing about a better career. After much thinking he decided to become a lawyer.
President of the senate
On April 21, 1789 John Adams started his duties as President of the senate. George Washington was the president at the time. Washington and Adams bonded and each adopted each others friendship. John learned from Washington and sometimes was part of the Cabinet but for the most part he was in the senate. While Adams was president of the senate he cast twenty-nine tie breaking votes, Thats a record that no one has tried to break.
John Adams
John Adams was the second President of the united states. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born on Oct 30, 1735. Died on July 4, 1826. He had 6 kids and his wife Abigail Adams.
XYZ Affair
The XYZ Affair was an incident where French agents asked Americans for a bribe. The French minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand didn't want to deal with the Americans directly. So he sent three secret agents to talk to the Americans. "You must pay ." the agents said. before Talleyrand would talk, he wanted $250,000 for himself and a loan of $10 million for France. Diplomats informed the President about the bribe. Adams then told Congress. He didn't reveal the names of the agents, he referred to them as X, Y, and Z. John Adams wanted to avoid war, so he refused to ask Congress to declare war.
Alien & Sedition Act
State of the Union Address
John Adams, the first State of of the Union Address was delivered on November 22, 1797, in the Congress Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time sickness was spreading through Philadelphia and Adams tempted to relocate the meeting, but avoided it because of general inconvenience.
John Marshall
John Marshall was the Secretary of State under President John Adams from 1800 to 1801. The following year, President Adams nominated Marshall to Chief Justice of the United States. Marshall continued to serve as Secretary of State throughout Adams term and at Jefferson's request, he stayed in that office after Jefferson's inauguration.

Where he lived as President
Thomas Jefferson and Adams were two of the last survivors of the revolutionary war still alive. Thomas and John disliked each other, On January 1, 1812 John sent Jefferson a letter stating that He wished Thomas many happy new years to come. Thomas replied saying that once they were friends and laborers of the same cause. After the silence of being former friends they resumed their friendship together they both believed in democracy, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On July 4, 1826 (independence day) John was on his deathbed at the age of 90 his last words were "Thomas Jefferson still survives" Thomas died five hours before Adams at Monticello at the age of 82.
Who did what
By: Madison, Kilia & Olivia
Madison Murray- Vice presidency,
Instead of V.P., XYZ Affair, State of Union Address, John Marshall, Reelection Campaign, After his presidency, poster board

Kilia Long- Introduction, Presidency, his home, poster board, alien and sedition act, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams, and relationship with Thomas Jefferson

Olivia Good- Essay, President of senate, Death, Where Adams lived as president, Continuing washington deeds, where he lived after his presidency, what he did after his presidency, and poster board
John Adams signed into law the Alien and sedition acts in 1798. Consisting of four laws passed by federalists as America prepared for war. These acts increased from five to fourteen years. These acts were designed to silence and weaken the democratic- republican party. Congress repealed the Naturalization Act in 1802, while the other acts were allowed to expire.
Continuing Washington's deeds
Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams the wife of John Adams, she was born on November 22, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay, and died on October 28,
John Quincy Adams
Following his defeat in 1800, Adams retired into a more private life. he was very depressed after leaving office. He was one of only four surviving presidents. One of the three was his son, John Quincy Adams. Adams left Washington before Jefferson's inauguration out of sorrow at the death of his son Charles Adams. He resumed farming at his home, Peacefeild in the town of Quincy.
As far as we know Adams did not change anything Washington did. Adams learned a lot from Washington and adopted the same beliefs, therefore led us to think that he did not change anything. we found nothing online as well.
John Quincy Adams was the sixth president. The son of John Adams and Abigail Adams. He was born July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay, and died February 28, 1848 in Washington D.C at age 80. He had 4 children George, John, Charles, Louisa. He went to Harvard University. He was a member of the Federalist, Democratic- Republican, National Republican, and later years Anti-Masonic and Whig parties.
John Adams lived in Washington DC in the white house during his term of presidency. His wife and children joined him during his 4 year term.
Where he lived after his presidency
With his retirement from public office, John and Abigail finally obtained the life that she had always wanted. They lived at Peacefield, their family farm dream house in Quincy, Massachusetts. For the next twenty-six years, Adams seldomly left home. Charles's widow, Sally, and her young daughters moved in with John and Abigail, filling in the house For five years, John Quincy's son lived there as well while his parents were abroad on public service.
What did he do after his presidency?
He began working on an autobiography that he never finished. He also began a resentful correspondence with a old family friend who's name is Mercy Warren she made his beliefs waver by protesting how in 1805 history of the revolutionary war.
1818 in Quincy Massachusetts. Her occupation was first lady of the united states. Her religion was Unitarian. She was the mother of John Quincy Adams, the sixth president. She is remembered for the many letters she wrote to Adams while he was in Philadelphia during the Continental Congress. There is now a statue of her in the Boston Women's Memorial.
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