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No description

Patrick Smith

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of MISSION "B"

You have chosen mission "B" You must blog twice each week there are 4 weeks so you will have 8 blog enteries summarizing or reacting to your book.
Final "B" Mission
Upon completion of your book you will need to write a 2-page double spaced summary of the plot or reaction paper (or a combination of the two).
Mission "B"- Character
In mission B you can complete the heroic quest or 2 side missions of your choice. Use the link on your mission task log.

Mission "B"- Current Events
Select and read 1 current article from a magazine that you think your character would be interested in (ties to a theme). In 1 double spaced paragraph (6-7 sentences) summarize the article and justify why it fits with a theme in your book.
Mission "B"- Art
For mission B you can select any 2 side missions of your choice. Use the link on your mission log.

Literary Techniques
This mission will begin with some fun. You are not too far into your book yet, so it is a good time to explore some literary techniques. The link on your assignment log will take you to your assignments. Mission "B" must complete both side missions.
Web Inquiry
While reading you must search keywords, names, dates, or other curiosities that the author has interjected into the text. By the completion of the book you need to hand in a list of 8 things you have researched.
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