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Quorum Sensing

No description

Kaleena Urquidi

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Quorum Sensing

Cell-to-cell communication
Inter-species communication
AI-2 autoinducer

Gene for AI-2 synthase found in 1/2 of bacteria (Bassler Lab)

Marine envoriment: Higher Boron concentration
Terrestrial: Lower concentraiton

Able to inter convert signal
Bacteria release and receive signals

Trigger gene expression (autoinduction)

Allow a single cell to sense the
population in a given area (cell density)

Based on concentration of molecules
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Quorum sensing plays an important role in the dissemination of P. aeruginosa (Gupta)
Erwinia carotovora
What is it?
Examples of Quorum Sensing
Quorum Sensing
Kaleena Urquidi
Krystian Tomczuk
Quorum sensing is the regulation of gene expression in response to fluctuations in cell-population density (Miller)
Chemical messengers

Miller, MB Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1014, USA. mmiller@molbio.princeton.edu
J.W (Woody) Hastings
1960s origin
1981 molecule isolation
Gram -
Gram +
Antibiotic production
anti quorum sensing
Developing compounds that would inhibit cell density and signaling.

Communication between different species.
Quorum quenching can disrupt the communication of quorum sensing to prevent infection with an AHL degrading enzyme.
Different types of bacteria are able to sense other bacteria and react to other's chemical signals. The ability to sense other bacteria is inter-species communication.
Quorum Quenching
Why do cells communicate?
Often times when environmental changes happen, bacteria have to respond to those changes quickly in order to survive.
Examples Include:
-Pathogenic infections
How do bacterial cells communicate?
1) Production of small biochemical signal molecules
2) Release of the signal molecules
3) Recognition of the signal molecules
4) Changes in gene regulation

Can bacteria detect between different species?
Recent studies have shown that bacteria can react and detect another species chemical signals
Mikayla Leyden

Edith Rodriguez
Enhance and Hinder
Altering the behavior of bacteria can hinder the ability to communicate and create cell density.
Create similar molecules to the specific pathogenic bacteria to disrupt cell communication and development of cell density within a specific bacterial species.
Develop within the inter-species a competitive molecule that will work against bacteria on a large scale.
This is an advancement in antibiotics, especially in a time where many bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistant.
How do bacteria communicate?
What is the name of the cephalopod that is in a symbiotic relationship with light producing bacteria?
Give one example of why cells communicate?

Quorum sensing is cell communication.
It is possible for bacteria to inter-communicate with other bacterial species.
Communication is done through chemical signals.
Quorum sensing has lead to the development and advancement in antibiotics.
Development of pro-quorum sensing molecules to increase the bacteria that have a beneficial relationship within the human body.
Uses quorum sensing to insure that exoenzyme production does not occur until the plant has enough bacterial numbers for successful tissue destruction and evasion of plant defenses (Perombelon)
Plays a big role in pathogenicity
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