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Network TV - w/o paths


Jason Lipshin

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Network TV - w/o paths

ep 3: Good Night Ep.85: Rosebud Ep.31: Brush
greatness Ep.54: Dog of
Death EP.35: Blood
Feud EP.45: Flaming
Moe's TV Show:
Cheers Band:
Aerosmith Film: Cocktail Ep.71: Marge
vs. the
Monorail TV Show: Star Trek Film: The
Music Man Film: Silence
of the Lambs Film: Batman TV Show:
Hills 90210 TV Show: The
Flintstones Film: Star Wars Ep.96: Deep
Space Homer singer: James
Taylor Astronaut:
Buzz Aldrin Film: 2001,
A Space Odyssey Song: Thus
Zarathustra Philosopher:
Film: The
Right Stuff TV Show:
Home Improvement TV Show:
Married With
Children Ep. 109:
Treehouse of
Horror V Film: The Shining Book:
The Shining TV Show:
Rocky And
Bullwinkle Short Story:
A Sound
of Thunder Film: Terminator 2 Film: A Chorus
Line Film:
Jurassic Park Voice: James
Earl Jones Film: Citizen Kane Film: THe
Wizard of
Oz Film: Planet
of the
Apes Band: THe
Ramones Song: Spiderman
THeme Song Ep.95: Lisa
vs. Malibu
Stacy Film: Bye-Bye
Birdie Singer: Elvis
Presley Toy: Barbie
and Ken Author:
Stein Film: Big TV Show:
Flying Circus Ep. 234: Take
my wife,
Sleaze Voice: Henry
Winkler Film: Pulp
Fiction Author:
Ginsberg Film:
Graffiti Director:
George Lucas Actor/Director:
Ron Howard TV Show:
Happy Days EP. 208: When
You Dish
Upon a
Star Voice: Alec
Baldwin Voice: Kim
Basinger Film: Back
To the
Future TV Show: Yogi
Bear Band: The
Beatles film: Gone
with the
wind Artist: Andy
Warhol Film: Rocky Author: Dr.
Seuss Band: Black
Sabbath Film: A
Orange Song:
symphony Director:
Kubrick Network TV
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