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The Last Leaf

English Final Project *9*

Bryanna Payne

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf O. Henry Conflict Theme, Tone, Irony Theme Tone Irony How is the conflict expressed? The second The third The first Exposition Denoument Rising Action Plot The story takes place in Greenwich village, a small community nuzzled in Washington Square, New York.

During this time, a "golden age" of sorts, many artists came and found homes in the apartments in Greenwich. Two artists, Johnsy and Sue, both lived in one of the apartments, above an old failure of an artist, Mr. Behrman. Johnsy, one of the girls, catches pneumonia. The doctors say that, since she has no will to survive, then her chances are slim. She believes she will die when the last leaf of the ivy vine falls. Johnsy slowly gets better, still amazed that the ivy leaf never fell. She sits up in bed, eats her soup, and proclaims that she still wishes to paint the Bay of Naples one day. Man vs. Self Man vs. Nature Man vs. Man There are two themes that stuck out to me as I read:

Hope and perseverance. The will to live and fight is stronger than most anything we face.
Self-sacrifice. Mr. Behrman gave his life for Johnsy, so that she could go on and live. The author definitely emphasizes the value of life and friendship. During the story, it feels very depressed and sad. As if you two are going to die with the last leaf. But there is a sense of triumph at the end of the story. Situational Irony Climax Johnsy decides she wants to live. Resolution Mr. Behrman falls ill with pneumonia, because he was out in the middle of a storm. He dies two days later, but he died after finishing his masterpiece-
The last leaf of the ivy vine. Johnsy struggles with her own thoughts throughout the story. She questions her capability and desire for life. She resigns to dying with the vine, but in the end hope wins. Pneumonia is the silent killer. O. Henry uses personification to describe the illness, giving it life as it takes the lives of others.

" Mr. Pneumonia was not what you would call a chivalric old gentleman." Perhaps the most subtle conflict, but probably the most meaningful. O. Henry's tone expresses the love and friendship between Sue and Johnsy, and though Johnsy doesn't wish to continue, Sue does not give up on her. She fights for her to remain hopeful. It is clearly shown in the dialogue. The loss of hope in Johnsy is apparent, and it gives the reader a very depressed feeling, questioning along with her. Through the course of the events, you can also judge the relationship between the two girls correctly. O. Henry is the pen name for William Sydney Porter.
He left school at age 15 to work various odd jobs.
He wrote almost 300 stories.
He died of a stroke at age 47.
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