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Planter vs Slave. Margaret B.

No description

Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Planter vs Slave. Margaret B.

The Planter (Wm. Byrd and Col.Carter
*He was served by a slave.
* "No scarcity in food, in fact, it seemed unlimited."

*Their clothing was of high quality fabrics. Such as mohair.
*Accessories were available to use.
* Such as, gloves and ribbons. No scarcity was mentioned.
How the planters where Treated
The Planters were severed by slaves, bringing them food to eat. Such as, Chocolate cake, Deserts, and freshly cooked meats.
How slaves were Treated
They were grouped and chained together with a strong iron collar that was closely fitted around each of there necks. "My purchaser ordered me to cross my hands behind, which were quickly bound with a strong cord." "We were handcuffed in pairs, with iron staples and bolts, with a short chain about a foot long uniting the handcuffs and there weapons in pairs
Slave (Charles Ball)
Planter Vs Slave Comparison
By: Margaret Brooks
*He was born a slave
*His master didn't offer much of clothes. In the winter, he suffered great coldness. There was "Scare in the clothing."
*"The only food guaranteed was corn each week."

* They always seemed to be making food on there own, or cooking for others.

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