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The Contribution of the Individual Student to the Learning P

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Giova Sánchez Andrade

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of The Contribution of the Individual Student to the Learning P


Ana Espin
María Belén Espin
Karla Pico
Giovanna Sánchez

5th Semester
It is necessary to know the individual differences.

Focus on a specific area like in the theory of multiple intelligences.
Some Problems with the Notion of Individual Differences
A standardised test of the particular characteristics may already exist, for example: self-esteem, field dependence-Independence or extroversión-introversión.
Test constructors often devote time and energy to strenghtening the reliability and validity of their tests so that they can be standardised.
Reliability is equated with stability that means that produce similar results on more tan one ocassion.

Selection of Individual Characteristics
Gradman and Hanania identified 22 different variables referred to in the individual differences literature.

The most common styles discussed in the literature are:
Field dependence
Field independence
It proposes the 3 areas that could be fruitfully explored:

Locus of control
Attribution theory
The contribution of the individual student to the learning process
The vadility of a test, on the other hand is supposed to indicate whether that test actually does measure what it is supossed to measure.

The test is constructed in any given population scores according the distributions.

Their perception is dominated by the whole context.
They perceive things in relation to the context.
People perceive items as discrete or unrelated to the surrounding "field".
"Motivation" is more helpful used to refer to a state of temporary or prolonged goal-oriented behavior which individuals actively choose to engage in.

Anxiety is highly situation specific and itself affected by a number of other factors.
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