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Define Genius & Genius Hour

An introduction to establishing genius hour practices in a 6th grade classroom.

Gina Ripley

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Define Genius & Genius Hour

Time & Space
- Genius Hour in class

- Google, Library, People

Support & Feedback
- Genius Blogs where classmates & your teacher respond

Personal committment
- Need focus and dedication in class. But remember, you are more than the time you spend in class

2. Accept that we have differences, but everyone can be a genius.
What is Genius?
Growing Our Genius
A Brief History
In Ancient Rome, the guiding spirit of a person or groups of people was called the

Genius is related to the latin word genitus meaning:
"to bring into being, to produce, to create."

Now, we also use it to mean
inspirational and talented.

How do we grow our genius?
Definition of Genius
noun; Exceptional
power or
other natural ability
Our Core Mission:
Growing Our Genius
We will explore, discover, and grow our inner geniuses in order to improve ourselves and the world around us.
We must...
1. Recognize that we are all geniuses.
Genius Hour
Time given in class for you to explore your interests and genius abilities as they relate to our challenge to change the world

Work how you want, on what you want.

Only requirement: You share your genius with the

You Create Something!
You tell me.
These trees are all unique.
Do they have anything in common?
Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, musician & rapper,
creative power
Michael Jordan, NBA All-star,

athletic ability
You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. –Maya Angelou
Genius is the act of solving a problem in a way that
no one
has solved it before. It has
to do with winning a Nobel prize in physics or getting straight A's in school.
Geniuses give, take, share, and grow by:

* being curious and asking lots of ????? Why does? I wonder?
* using their imaginations
* being different
* facing fear in a challenging
* persevering to overcome hurdles large and small
* being honest- That didn't work. I can do that better.
* living and loving
* own their work
*do whatever it takes to making it successful

You ARE a genius!
You CAN and WILL contribute to this world.
What will you DO with your genius?
Mary Anderson, inventor of the windshield wiper in 1903,
intellectual power
Michael Jordan,
athletic power
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