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Evaluation Question 3

No description

Jamie Richards

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3 - What kind of institution might distribute your product and why?
Part 1 - The Filmmaking Process

This stage involves the creation of the basis for the film. This involves establishing genre, themes, characters, plot. From here, the idea is pitched to potential investors, such as major film studios, film councils or independent investors. Should the film get the financial support after being pitched, it can be moved into the pre-production stage.
The pre-production stage involves the hiring of a crew, such as a director, sound designer and art director. Furthermore, this stage involves the creation of storyboards, designing of costume and set, creation of aural concepts and the choosing of filming locations.
The Filmmaking Process
There are 5 stages within the filmmaking process. These are known as development, pre-production, production, post-production and

All of these stages are essential to
the filmmaking process, and with
regards to my own film I have
completed stages 1 to 4.
Here the film is assembled by an editor. Music and sound tracks are created and added to the footage within this stage, alongside any computer generated visuals.
Within this stage is where the filming takes place. This means actors are needed to act out the scenes of the film, and this footage is collected. Many takes of one shot or scene are often taken, as not all will be usable and it is down to an editor to decide on the best shots to use.
Once the film has been finished, it is ready to be distributed. Films are first released in cinema, followed by a retail release. Next, the film will become available within 'on demand' services such as Netflix or Sky On Demand. After this, the film will be shown on television channels such as Film4.
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