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Copy of Community Development Block Grant- Whole Picture Planning

The CDBG program is a HUD grant program that benefits low income residents in housing, infrastructure improvements, job creation, and public services.

Jody Lehrer

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Community Development Block Grant- Whole Picture Planning

Who Benefits?
Low and moderate income residents! Examples of eligible activities...
Infrastructure Improvements Activities must be
eligible under
HUD regulations Decisions must
made that
impact many Example: Grafitt Removal in
low income area
Access improvements for
for disabled people Food for low income
persons Religious purposes
Improvement of affordability Street improvements low income areas Community Development
Block Grant A HUD grant for states
and local governments Activities must be consistent with Five Year Plan 70% of CDBG funds must benefit low/mod income residents!

L/M income= at or below 80% AMI ($64.4 for familyn of 4) Also prohibited...
funds for political purposes. Providing transportation for seniors, the disabled, etc. Planning Promotion of
sustainability Don't be lazy. Aim for...

Suitable living environments
Affordable housing
Economic opportunities
Job Creation Housing improvements Non-ADA improvements to government buildings Prohibited use
of Funds Neighborhood improvements Keep in mind... CDBG grantees must achieve three goals: Improvement of sustainability Improvement of availability
and accessibility Creation of a suitable living environment Creation of economic
opportunity Creation of
housing Goals are measured by examining:
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