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Bavaria Presentation

Bavaria Presentation

Guy Kessels

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Bavaria Presentation

personal introduction Education:
Bachelor of Arts (Corporate Communications & Digital Media)
Master of Arts (Corporation Communications & Digital Media)

Parter at CreatAd.com in 2010
Founder of Kesselscommunication in 2007
Winner of Summerschool Tilburg University 2009
Vice President of European Championships Committee 2012
Manager of the Dutch National Lacrosse team in 2010
Web Administrator of the Dutch Lacrosse Association 2009 and 2010
Owner of LivingLacrosse.com since 2009
Founder of the Tilburg Titans in 2007 lacrosse background professional background lacrosse comes from native Americans
combines elements of all kinds of sports
men's lacrosse: full body protection
World Championships in Manchester, England 2010
30 countries will be represented lacrosse in the netherlands played since 2000
total number of clubs is 19
number of clubs grows every year
national leagues are improved, professionalized and extended championships every four years World Championships
every four years European Championships
European Championships before 2004: 7 nations
European Championships 2004: 12 men's teams, 6 women's teams
European Championships 2008: 18 competing countries European Championships
Amsterdam 2012 more countries joined the European Lacrosse Federation since 2008
over 15 countries will participate
estimated number of teams: 15 men's teams and 12 women's teams
location: Amsterdam (also fans from overseas)
high expectations challenges Lacrosse is identified as the fastest growing sport in the world.
Challenges we are facing:
- global differentiation of the sport
- little international broadcasting
- background information on the sport is hard to find
- the 'critical mass' is not familiar with the sport yet
only one company is needed to start the revolution
"The 'wave' of lacrosse is coming.
We have to accelerate and ride it." stage one: the viral
stage two: bring them together
stage three: keep them together the viral shape a brotherhood
crossing borders makes it unique
show the world lacrosse is alive
use the attention for the network and championships
start a new way of experiencing sports online over 28 million views the network create an online social sports communication structure
make the crowd familiar with the sport
bring global lacrosse to a higher level
share information, interact, play, exchange, have fun
help out governing bodies
apply a global structure to a sport

club pages
personal (player) profiles
league and practice schedules (both international and local)
information exchange on:
- plays
- tactics
- equipment
- everything considering lacrosse bring them together use the viral for the championships
show the crossing borders
make the EC2012 the biggest and best organised European Championships ever
let people meet in real life (and stay in touch)
shape the international brotherhood in Lacrosse opportunities for Bavaria boost the global development of the sport lacrosse
play a unique role in the global lacrosse community
show the world a new way of sponsoring sports
help to maintain contact between players, coaches and governing bodies in the world
the the exclusive first sponsor the European Championships
participate in the first global sports communication structure ever

..and get an awful lot of attention and goodwill
opportunities for Bavaria (2) traditional ways of sponsoring sports need to be changed
Bavaria can take the giant leap forward in terms of broadcasting
closest connection between a company, social media and sports ever
first opportunituy for a non-sports brand to get involved this much

Bavaria hook ups the center of attention is Holland, Bavaria is known as a Dutch beer
Bavaria is aiming for the 'tough ones', so is Lacrosse
new ways of expanding the new Bavaria logo can be entered
increase CRM for Bavaria through the network
new ways of sponsoring and organizing events
the road Bavaria took with 'Bavaria United' can be expanded
the new Bavaria logo has similar characteristics as Lacrosse logos roadmap let everybody continue living lacrosse online LivingLacrosse the launch of the viral and LivingLacrosse happens simultaneously
the first information about the championships should be ready
attention for the viral leads to the EC2012 and LivingLacrosse
connections with governing bodies is made before the launch
the community comes to life during the preparations
to start the revolution One big brand is given the opportunity to boost
the global development of one of the fastest growing sports in history.

One big brand is given the opportunity to push the sport of Lacrosse to the next level, both locally and globally.
The chance is here, and the time is now Bavaria Presentation
the viral, the network, the championships ...and get an awful lot of attention and goodwill
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