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The Gallery of Memory

No description

Grace Rexroth

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of The Gallery of Memory

Memory Before the Age of Neuroscience: Can an MRI lab help us Understand the Early Modern Mind?
Richard Grey's Memoria Technica
Mary Potter: Caslon Type
Manifesto of the V21 Collective
Good Presentism?
Victorian Literature and the Victorian State --Lauren Goodlad
“I believe that diminished conceptions of Victorian culture [produced by certain kinds of presentist historicism] impair historicist critique and, in so doing, reduce critics’ power to illuminate present-day concerns.” (3)
Ten Theses

1. Victorian Studies has fallen prey to positivist historicism: a mode of inquiry that aims to do little more than exhaustively describe, preserve, and display the past. Among its symptoms are a fetishization of the archival; an aspiration to definitively map the DNA of the period; an attempt to reconstruct the past wie es eigentlich gewesen; an endless accumulation of mere information. At its worst, positivist historicism devolves into show-and-tell epistemologies and bland antiquarianism. Its primary affective mode is the amused chuckle. Its primary institutional mode is the instrumentalist evisceration of humanistic ways of knowing.
Article 8: "One outcome of post-historicist interpretation may be a new openness to presentism: an awareness that our interest in the period is motivated by certain features of our own moment." ~V21 Manifesto
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