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Football and Politics

No description

Ozan Kokuludag

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Football and Politics

Even though we have free will, we express our political identity through a non-political organization.
Expression of Political Identity
Football and Politics
Olympiakos VS Panathinaikos
Mother of All Battles
Real Madrid VS. Barcelona
El Clasico
Ajax VS Feyenoord
De Klassieker
VAK410 and F-Side
Derbies are often open to violence between the fans of two teams. However this clash between the fans is caused by something much deeper.
Football and Politics
Ozan Kokuludağ
El classico is one of the most famous and popular derbies in the world. However the real reason behind the rivalry is the fight for freedom of Catalonia.
Catalonia is a region in northeast part of Spain. Currently the region is fighting to become autonomous. Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Catalonia as well as Spain.
Probably the biggest rivalry in Dutch football. Ajax is from Amsterdam while Feyenoord is Rotterdam based. Two important port cities for the Netherlands. Two cities are increasingly politically polarized where Rotterdam becomes more right wing, while Amsterdam is remaining liberal to socialist.
VAK410 is an ultrAs group for Ajax FC. One of the most interesting aspect for VAK410 is their chants that refer to Jews and the fact that they use a flag that has the Star of David on it.
When the spring is coming, we’ll be throwing
Bombs over Rotterdam,
Thousands of big ones and lots of casualties,
More dead than alive,
What the Luftwaffe don’t destroy,
The F-Side will

Ajax Chant
Ajax - Feyenoord
Independencia at Camp Nou
One of the most brutal rivalries in Europe is derby of the eternal enemies. Deaths and injuries are a normal part of this event and it is considered one of the maddest football rivarly in Europe.
Cultural Rivalry

Panathinaikos comes from the centre of Athens and it lured more supporters who belong to the high class society where Olympiakos was founded in a port city thus attracting supporters from the worker class.
By looking at football we can see the influence of events happening around the world like political polarization.
Petrol bombs that were used in 2012 derby
Hamas, Hamas
Jews to the gas

Feyenoord Chant
To what extent allegiance to a football team expresses our political identity?
Few Sources That I Have Read
Video: AJAX - Feyenoord ( 3 - 1 ) 22-1-2014 : Entrada part 2
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