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Unit 101 Introduction to Hair and Beauty Sector

No description

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Unit 101 Introduction to Hair and Beauty Sector

Task A - Produce a fact sheet

You are required to produce a fact sheet describing, or showing, the images of a range of different hair and beauty salons in your area.

You should include
• a brief report on reasons which cause people to choose to go to one type of
salon, rather than another
You can ask family members, relatives or friends or base it on your own

􀂑 Handy Hint: You could include sketches, pictures from magazines, or
photographs, leaflets and price lists in your folder
Unit 101 Task A
Remember to check:
Punctuation-full stops, commas
Capital letters
to include:
your name
the title of the task
your tutors name

Contents page: is always behind the front cover and is not numbered

Glossary- is a list of new words you have used with meanings

Bibliograpy - list of web addresses, books, magazaine references you have used for research

Theory Tasks
Unit 101 Task B
Task B - Produce a chart
You are required to produce chart
You should include
• brief descriptions of hairdressing or barbering services offered in salons
• brief descriptions of beauty therapy services offered in salons
You could do this by visiting a local hairdressing salon and beauty salon.
Pro formas have been provided that you may use
Unit 101 Task A
How to layout task A
A fact sheet must be on one side of A4
It must include some pictures

Reasons why people would choose one salon over another?
discuss in a group and give some examples:
Unit 101 Introduction to Hair and Beauty Sector
Unit 101 Task C
Task C – Produce a chart
You are required to produce a chart
You should include
• the occupational roles available
• the career opportunities open to you
A pro-forma has been provided that you can use

In pairs discuss what type of job roles and opportunities there are for hairdressing and beauty therapists.
Unit 101 Task D
Task D - Produce a fact sheet
You should choose one particular job role in a salon and
• find out what the responsibilities of that job are
• find out the personal and technical skills that job requires
• describe of a typical working day
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