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Copy of Voices of the Holocaust

No description

Zach Thomas

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Voices of the Holocaust

The White Rose Overview of text: In this short passage it shows that some people did see Hitlers plot and tried to stand up for those people being pursecuted. While there was great risk in standing up to Hitler it seems that alot of people agreed that Hitler was bad but didn't want to be persecuted for this belief. Significant Passage: "The leaflet caused a tremendous stir among the student body. It was the first time that internal dissent against the Nazi Regime had surfaced in Germany (Hornburger 82)." How has this increased your understanding of the Holocaust? Before reading this passage I didnt think that people stood up to Hitler. Before reading this passage I though that it was unheard of. After reading this I relized that some people did have the courage to stand up for the Jews and for what was right. Voices Of the Holocaust Serving Mein Fürer Overview of text: Serving Mein Führer explained how it was posible for people to fall under the influence of Hitler and His army of young adults. It also showed Hitlers cunningness and craftyness and how he rose quickly to power. Significant Passage: "I try to explain how it was posible for people as educated & cultured as the Germans to follow a man like Hitler. How could this happen in Germany? Because we simply didnt care enough for other people. We didn't care about anything else except ourself (Ayer 27)." How has this increased your
understanding of the Holocaust This passage helped me to understand how someone like Hitler turned thousands of good Germans into nothing more than a power seeking army led by a mad man. Without peoples greedyness Hitler would of not been such a powerful leader. The White Rose Overview of Text Traditions of the Germans hurt the Germans choice of wether or not to follow Aldof Hitler. The Germans traditons said that they should follow their political leaders and support them but with Hitler as a political leader it was a choise of Tradition or common sense. Significant Passage "Most Germans took the traditional position- that once war breaks out, it is the duty of the citizen to support the troops by supporting the government(Hornberger 82)." How has this increased your uderstanding of the Holocaust? This helped me understand where he got his support from. Without this tradition Hitler wouldn't of had such strong support. And without this support he wouldn't of gotten as close to concoring the world as he did. Terrible Things Overview of text In Terrible Things one by one the animals are taken by the terrible things. The one rabbit, Little Rabbit, always asks why they are taken away and Big Rabbit always repys saying that it doesnt matter as long as they dont come for us. When the terrible things do come for e rabbits nobody there to help them. Significant Passage "Little Rabbit asked' whats wrong with feathers?' 'we mustn't ask ' big rabbit said, 'the Terrible Things don't need a reason. Just be glad it wasnt us they wanted." How has this increased your understanding of the Holocaust? This short story helped me realize that most of the people that should of stood up to Hitler were good but were to scared of him to stop him. If they would of gotten it all together they would of stopped him in the begining withoutnthe loss of so many lifes. Thematic statement Many hands make light work, especially when its work that nobody wants to do or is afraid of. Level 3 Questions If other groups of people would of stepped in, to help the Jews and other persecuted groups, would the war of ended quicker? why? How would of you felt if you were a Jew that was sent do a Death Camp? Would your outlook on life be posotive or negative? What do you think went throught the heads of Jews in Death Camps when they were liberated by American and British troops?
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