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Artisans During the Industrial Revolution

School Presentation on Aspect of the Industrial Revolution

Josh Reich

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Artisans During the Industrial Revolution

Artisans and the Industrial Revolution Who were the artisans? - Skilled workers Ray Zeng Josh Reich Career Path of Artisans Apprentice
Master Families Factory or Workshop? -Work drove lives
-Lived/worked together Artisans and Guilds Protection
Stability Conditions - Long hours
- Vulnerable 1. True or False: The rise of factories and industrialization immediately eliminated the need for artisans in society. Answer: B Quiz Answers: 5. Which of these would be an example of artisans coexisting with factories? Answer: D 2. During this stage of an artisan's career the artisan would work for wages; he or she would also be given food and housing by their employer. 3. Which of the following was NOT a goal of a guild? Answer: C 4. True or False: Artisans were very wealthy compared to factory workers. Answer: B Answer: D Artisans and Factory Workers An example of a guild sign. Different Values:
- Skills
- Structure
- Production

- Lower class
- Poor
Luddites and Fear: - Artisans were fearful of industrialization

- Luddites - Great Britain, 1811 Factory or Workshop? Decline and End: - Artisans become more like industrialized workers

- Artisans lost control of their crafts

- Collapse of hierarchy Industrialization Coexisting with Factories: - Not replaced immediately

- Lost old levels of control
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