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Marilia Gonzalez

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Cholera

-It is an acute, diarrheal illness caused by infection of the intestine with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.
- An estimated 3-5million cases and over 100,000 deaths occur each year around the world.
- It is mainly caught by drinking dirty water.
Signs and Symptoms
-The primary symptoms of cholera are profuse diarrhea and vomiting clear fluid, usually starts suddenly and it can last up to 5 days.
- Diarrhea is frequently described as "rice water" and may have a fishy odor. the patient may produce 10 to 20 liters of diarrhea a day.
It can cause death by the amount of liquid the patients waiste.
- The person's skin may turn bluish-gray from extreme loss of fluids.
Patients with Cholera
Poor Sanitation

-The word Cholera is from Greek.
- The disease are believed to have occurred due to the result of poor living conditions as well as the presence of pools of still water.
- & Cholera pandemic have occurred including Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Middle East, Russia, Haiti and Brazil.
-It became widespread in 19th century.

What is Cholera?
Sterilizaion- proper disposal and treatment of infected fecal waste.
Sewage- Antibacterial treatment by chlorine, ozone, Uv light.
Water purification- All water used for drinking, washing or cooking should be broiled or filtered before consuming.

Fluids- Cholera can be sucessfully treated with oral rehydration therapy. Rice-base solutions are preferred to glucose-based.
Electrolytes-good for potassium replacement.
Vaccine- dukoral an oral admistered, has an overall efficacy of about 52%
Zinc supplements- It reduces the lenght of the disease by eight hours and the amount of the diarrhea stool by 10%
Antibiotics- given to 1 to 3 days shorten the course of the disease and reduce the severity of the symptoms.
How can Cholera be preventable

Drinking clean water only and its curable.
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