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Social games & Farmville

No description

brendan mcnulty

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Social games & Farmville

Social games Social games, Zynga &
the Farmville phenomena gambling experience points monetisation virtual goods functional virtual goods decorative virtual goods consumables advertising offers Farmville 750 people Zynga 200MM registered > 100MM monthly>60MM daily>1MMpaying 6/7 top FB social games started in 2007 revenue 2010- $500MM-$835MM
(2015- $1.6BB) $29MM VC
2009 $180MM from Digital Sky Technologies Testing & metrics "I did every horrible thing in the book, just to get revenues right away.” Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga 1%+ of the world market seeds trees animals buildings decorations vehicles ribbons collections how it works how users feel how it was made AAA boxed game- 2-4 years -$10-$40MM Farmville 5 weeks -$100-$300k what are social games? social games are games built and designed for distribution on or using social networking relationship data to drive discovery, distribution, and gameplay core elements
-use of social graph data
-casual gameplay/short session
-free-to-play, monetised by virtual goods
product vs service what kinds of games social rpg experience points resource management farms restaurants gambling team challenges caretaking pet visit marketing the audience size of audience? who is the audience? the future Facebook credits
Communication platform
Intersection of social & mobile
The web
connecting the world through games decreasing March & April numbers why? playing with friends
express yourself (avatars, badges, micropayments)
invest over time/social capital (game= journey)
$1.50 $1 $2.50 $1 ROI= Lifetime value-user acquisition costs
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