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What Is an Insect?

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of What Is an Insect?

Insects and Humans
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
What Is an Insect?
73% of animals in the world are insects.
similar appearance through all stages
nymphs lack functional sexual organs and wings
molt several times, develop structures as they go
molt few times as larva
final molt- pupa
body completely remodeled in pupa
insect CSI
Insect Communication
fireflies communicate by flashes
female moths attract males using pheromones
male crickets chirp by rubbing their forewings together
Insect Societies
society- group of closely related animals of the same species that work together for the benefit of the whole group
caste- insects specialized to perform different tasks
reproductive males
28-3 Insects
Responses to Stimuli
compound eyes made of many lenses
chemical receptors on antennae and legs
insect ears hear wider range of sounds than humans
Bee Dances
round dance- circle one way, then circle many times the other way (for when food is close)
waggle dance- circle one way, step in a straight line, circle the other way (food is far away)
Feeding and Movement
saliva with digestive enzymes
wings made of?
some of the smallest insects can beat their wings up to 1000 beats per second
glands on abdomen of bees secrete wax
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