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Forming Hypotheses and Making Predictions

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Peter Larsen

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Forming Hypotheses and Making Predictions

Title: Forming Hypotheses and Making Predictions Question: How are all scientific studies started?
Hypothesis:....... Begin your notes...... Hypothesis: a statement that can be tested by additional observations or experimentation 2 types Simple hypothesis: I think grass grows taller if it rains Formal Hypothesis IF grass growth IS RELATED TO amount of rainfall THEN grass will grow faster with increased amounts of rainfall IF, RELATED, and THEN are required words, they state a relationship. OBSERVE THIS!!!!! How would I state this simple hypothesis as a formal hypothesis: Chocolate may cause pimples. Salt in soil may affect plant growth. Plant growth may be affected by the color of the light. Bacterial growth may be affected by temperature. Ultra Violet light may cause skin cancer. Temperature may cause leaves to change color. IF amount of pimples IS RELATED TO chocolate intake THEN more pimples will be observed with a higher amount of chocolate eaten IF plant growth IS RELATED TO amount of salt in soil THEN plants will show less growth in soil with more salt. IF plant growth IS RELATED TO color of light THEN plants will show different growth levels in different colors of light. IF bacterial growth IS RELATED TO temperature THEN bacteria will grow at different rates in different temperatures IF Skin Cancer IS RELATED TO ultraviolet light THEN exposure to UV light will increase levels of skin cancer. IF leaf color change IS RELATED TO temperature THEN exposing plants to low temperatures will cause leaf color change. Scientific Studies all begin with the observation of a phenomenon. Phenomenon= a rare or significant fact or event
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