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No description

Craig Marshall

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of RAMM NZ Prezi

Our City, Our Future!
ACC Overview:
$1.3 Billion Asset Base
118,216 work in the city, and 228,673 daily visitors
$164 Million Budget
Deliver $30m Renewal, 13m Cap Projects annually
765 ha (approx) Park Lands
400+ Streetscapes, 300,000+ Park and Street Trees
25,000 Roses & 175,000 annuals (planted per annum).
160kms road network, actually 385kms when its audited...
260kms of kerb, 800,000m2 of footpaths

and the malls balls...
At a glance...
Team Locos
Combination of fixed location &
City-wide Teams - 205 depot staff...

7 Horticulture, 3 street scaping, 2 tree gangs, weed & pest control & biodiversity, irrigation, and a park ranger...
4 Masons Teams, linemarking, signs, electricians, paint shop & road gangs.
Six cleansing teams
Parking & CCTV crews
Rapid Response

Built a skeleton road network
Import and cleanse data from Hansen
Implement easy contracts, and asset base
Trees assets and maintenance based on existing data and system knowledge
Parking Machines - 600 jobs per month
Moved into Urban Elements assets (Seats, Bins) all point data.
So what did we do with
these UDT's. We added
March 14 - September 14
Kerb & Footpath Audits
Loaded Storm Water Assets, with linked lookups
Electrical Infrastructure
Playgrounds, Softfall & Sports Areas
Road Data - Roughness, Texture, FWD, Rutting & Visual (123,000 points)
Asset Count - added & audited - Sep 13 -Feb 14
Urban Elements - Litter Bins - 1077, Custom Signs - 297, Fences 39.8kms, Gates - 349, BBQ's - 40, Picnic Tables - 123, Bollards - 1315, Seats & Benches - 1608, - Total - 6818 assets.
Irrigation - Water Meters, Back flow valves, Street Scaping & Irrigation, all linked via the water meter
Approx 21,000 street & park trees, changes on a daily basis :)
Paperbased docs
Trim based docs
Customer Requests
(via Pathway, Emails, Verbal, Post-It notes etc)
(Spreadsheets, Event Quotes, PG insp, Asset Checks)
(EventsPerfect, F1, Hansen, Pathway, TRIM, N:/)
(Irrigation, Landscape designs, Events Infrastructure etc)
Looking ahead...
Foster & encourage innovative ideas
Viability research towards the integration of time sheet recording
Accurate costing
Time-in-motion data
Unit rate info
Legislative reporting - Playgrounds, Job Safety Sheets
Estimation feature - Linked Event Remediation & Capital Works / Small Project Quote costings on site in the field.
Lessons Learned...
Adaptability & need for open transparent communication at all levels.
Thorough consultation at every step & level of the project.
Clear understanding by management on how and why RAMM fits into Asset Management bigger picture.
Clear direction from Asset Mgrs re: data collection
Design a user friendly interface.
The Simpler = The better!
If its not value add, don't add it!
Ongoing support for field based staff using tablets.
Asset Systems Team 2014
Ramm Implementation
12 month initial plan
ACC Journey
Into the cloud,
into the open space,
and beyond...
Condition Assessments
Using RAMM Patrol to assess Kerbs
- Audit Asset - Type, Material, Exists?
- Perform assessment
Kerb Work - Images
Kerb Condition
Kerb Work
Kerb Defects
Kerb Visuals -For Maintenance
Capturing planned and unplanned works
for our teams within parklands.

Converted all our
parks to roads...

Into the Open Space
Built contracts around how these teams worked within the field...

Tested, trialled, initial issues with trying to capture too much info.

Re-gigged.. 3rd time

Developed a two phase approach
Designed layout on Patrol to capture relevant works, customised for each team
Into the Open Space
Capture costs for planned work each day.

Process changes
Unplanned Work
Outputs 6 -8 Weeks
Capital Works Program
Maintenance/Defects Program.
Weighted Condition Score - Derive RUL, Construction Dates pushes into NAMS Template and into our AMP, and LTFP
Pushed data back into Hansen for Vals
Urban Elements
Perform assessments on 6800+ assets, bins, seats, bike racks, picnic tables etc...
90-95% score 2's or 3's... But which of those 3's do we look at renewing... back to the assessement to guage its structure or age..
We audit a 1000 bins...
The Past, The Present & the Future
Who am I - Craig Marshall
ACC - Business Analyst Asset Systems

20 plus years of local government
IT, GIS, Finance, Customer Service

RAMM Experience
1 Year at City of Marion, SA
1 Year at Adelaide City Council, SA
Assessment on Kerb
Moving into Masons - Kerbs, Footpaths, Linemarking, Road Maintenance.
Electricians - Currently using RAMM for Streetlights, moving into Elec Distribution, Boards, Pumps etc.
Cleansing Teams - Street Sweeping, Public Amenities etc.
Utilise the NEW valuation/capitalisation components.
Building road program and treatment lengths - lanes

Looking ahead...
Asset Systems

Assessments onto the Map - Central Reporting Tool for ACC
Assessments into RAMM GIS into the Details Screen (same as dispatches)
Crew Concept - Choose how many in a crew, then bill via tablet against that crew - be updatable throughout the day
Add vertexed lines and polygons from RAMM Patrol - Walk around add points for assets or jobs - record sqm for turf renos etc.
Hard linking between asset classes
Bulk costing - I want to be able to add $120 for 250 kerb faults of a particular type
Images on Assessments for Condition Assessments for Dummies

ACC (Craig's) Wishlist
Maintenance Scheduler
- Need to be able to apply the same methodology as Outlook appointments to Assets

So: I can choose particular asset class, apply a rule for work to be created on a regular basis without having to duplicate templates.

ie; I have a level 2 oval, and a job appears every second Monday for a certain user generated by the system. I can save these as templates for seasonal or contractual work...
ACC (Craig's) Wishlist PT 2
Hard vs Soft
RAMM Implementation
Considerations for ACC
Were UDT's the right fit for ACC?
Requirements to be able to create fields, and tables from outside the core RAMM architecture... YES...
Did we have the expertise in house to facilitate the config of the UDT's, the dynamic lookups and calculated fields?
Great engineering graduates that excelled in delivering the core data for auditing, analysis and reporting...
What were the RAMM tools for capture & viewing/reporting.
Pocket RAMM and RAMM GIS to meet the reporting needs of users...

The Asset Systems Crew
The Asset
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