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Johnson & Wales University 5k

Creation of a detailed plan to implement a new campus tradition, also known as the JWU 5k, to be implemented in the spring of 2012.

Rae Rosen

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Johnson & Wales University 5k

Johnson & Wales University 5k Rae Rosen & Sydney Wolf What do we know? Events Sports Leadership How do we do it? INCORPORATE Events Production Planning Marketing Timeline Being Prepared Entertainment Purpose Process Coordination Sports Logistics Competition Course Management Safety Preparation Field of play Facilities Teams Leadership Teamwork Collaborative Spirit Problem Solving Creativity Management Left vs. Right Brain Morals & Ethics Change the Verb Situational Stakeholders Students
Alumni Our Process Top 3 Options 1. Associate the 5k with other on campus events in a weekend 2. Incorporate 5k event planning into SEE curriculum 3. Find unique ways to market the event to the entire JWU Community Top Option Associate the 5k with other on campus events in a weekend Associate the 5k with other on campus events in a weekend Carnival Concert Spring Weekend 5,000+ students Tradition Wahoo 5k Karaoke Campus Tour Dinner Basketball Tournament Panel Discussion Brunch Committee Students
SEE Professors
OSA Staff Components Food & Beverage
Course Management
Safety & Security
Volunteer Management
Budget Food & Beverage Post race village Sponsorships Marketing Social Media Word of Mouth Advertising Public Relations Posters Direct Mail Press Conference Send out press release Course Management Safety & Security EMS
Providence Police
JWU Safety & Security
Safe Course - No potholes Volunteer Management Integrate into SEE Curriculum
Volunteer T-Shirts
Training Session Budget Sponsorships
OSA Budget; Possibly the "Big Event"
Center for Sports/Entertainment/Event Management
Charlie Breagy
Registration Fees FUNDS EXPENSES Food & Beverage
Race Management
Barricades Post Race Village Tent
Advertising To implement this event with all of the above expenses,
we want to work with a budget of $2,000. JWU students lack updated and creative campus traditions. We want to create a detailed plan for a JWU 5K event to be a NEW campus tradition for students, faculty, staff & alumni, resulting in a partnership between the Office of Student Activities and the Center for Sports/Entertainment/Event Management. Problem Statement Meet with SEE Students SES CA trip Meetings with faculty & staff RI Race Consultant AHA! Collaborative Spirit Johnson & Wales University 5k
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